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Friday, October 16, 2009

Argraph Debuts MemoryKick Si. Fastest Backup for Memory Cards On the Go

Argraph Corporation, the international supplier of photographic / imaging products, and MemoryKick, a leading manufacturer of portable multimedia solutions jointly announce the MemoryKick Si™, the ideal solution for your digital life, which will transport the way we See, Share and Store photos, videos and music to the next level.

The MemoryKick Si is the most advanced Photo Backup, Photo Viewer, Video Player, MP3 Player, Card Reader, and complete Portable Data Backup Solution available, all in one compact, stylish device. The MemoryKick Si is available in capacities of 160, 250, 320, and 500GB.

Argraph Debuts MemoryKick Si
Offering the Fastest Backup and Cutting-Edge Features
In a Pocket-Size, Lightweight Device

See it in action at PhotoPlus 2009, Booth 750, Javits Center, New York Oct. 22-24

The MemoryKick Si offers the fastest transfer speeds on the market. It can transfer any type of files (photos, videos, music, data, etc.) from memory cards, at blazing fast speeds up to 40MB/s utilizing its proprietary Direct Access File Management System (DA-FMS) technology, enabling it to transfer as much as 2.22 gigabytes per minute.

As many as three memory cards and one USB device can be connected simultaneously to the MemoryKick Si. You can easily transfer both to and from the MemoryKick Si, and virtually all of the memory cards and USB flash drives used today. You can also transfer directly from memory card to memory card, USB device, or computer hard drive.

The MemoryKick Si’s 3.5” QVGA LCD color screen is ideal for vivid, detailed viewing of photos and videos. The built-in G-sensor automatically orients images for horizontal and vertical viewing. With its ability to zoom in and out, create and display slideshows, and view RAW photos and EXIF information, the MemoryKick Si will be every photographer’s indispensable digital assistant.

“The MemoryKick Si is a major advance in portable media centers. It provides the best functions of a Photo Bank (Epson, Hyperdrive, etc.), at a significantly lower price per megabyte. It features a large high-quality viewing screen with auto-orientation, zooming, and intuitive navigation,” explained Mark Roth, CEO of Argraph. “On top of that, the MemoryKick Si also boasts the best capabilities of an MP3 player, Memory Card Reader, Video Player, and even a Laptop by enabling you to create folders, copy, paste, and move images and rename them, all in one pocket-size, lightweight device. Nothing else comes close.”

“Large storage capacity, the fastest transfer speed available, reliability, multimedia functionality, and the ability to share quickly is what the MemoryKick Si is all about” added Anthony Cole Link, CEO of NionCom. “It is an essential necessity of digital life”.

The MemoryKick Si enables you to:

SEE Photos and Videos on a 3.5” QVGA LCD Color screen. Zoom in and out on your photos. View RAW photos with the RAW image decoder / viewer. The Auto Orientation G-sensor automatically adjusts for vertical and horizontal viewing. View all of your photos in the gallery thumbnails; create and view personalized slideshows of your photos.

SHARE Photos, Videos, Music, and any other files by transferring them from the MemoryKick Si to attached thumb drives or memory cards. Use the MemoryKick Si as a “media sharing center” transferring files between any attached memory cards or USB storage devices. The MemoryKick Si accommodates up to four memory card / devices simultaneously – CF, USB device, Memory Stick, plus another memory card.

STORE Photos on the MemoryKick Si high capacity 160, 250, 320, or 500GB SATA Hard Drive. Backup your photos quickly and securely in the field.

PLAY your favorite music and videos and listen with the included earphones, the built-in speaker or on your home audio system. Connect to an LCD flat panel monitor or television to view photos and watch videos.

MemoryKick Si Key Features
Fast Transfer Speed from Memory Cards up to 40MB/s
160 / 250 / 320 / 500GB
3.5” QVGA LCD Color Screen
Insert up to 3 Cards + 1 USB Simultaneously
Photo Backup / Viewer / Player
RAW Decoder / Viewer
Zoom In / Out
G-Sensor Auto Orientation
Copy, Paste, & Create Folders
Rename Files & Folders w/ QWERTY Keyboard
Video Player
Music Player
Audio / Video Out
Earphone Included
EXIF Information + Histogram
Built-in USB OTG (USB Host)
Backup 250GB on a Single Charge
Lightweight: Only 9.87 Ounces

Available in Black and Blue colors (expected Street Prices shown):
160GB ($299.95), 320GB ($359.95), 500GB ($429.95)

The MemoryKick Si is available from retailers nationwide. The MemoryKick Si will also be available internationally through MemoryKick’s other distribution partners. The MemoryKick Si is assembled in the Unites States of America.

Argraph Corporation and its subsidiaries has been a leading supplier of photographic / imaging products since 1953. Headquartered in Carlstadt, NJ, Argraph offers unique and innovative products through retailers across the country, and around the world. .

111 Asia Place, Carlstadt, NJ 07072, USA
Contact: Marty Lipton at (201) 939-7722 or Fax (201) 939-7782
Email: • Website:


MemoryKick is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and is a leading manufacturer of portable multimedia solutions. MemoryKick has personnel in both South Korea and the United States.

#1202 Anamtower, 702-10 Yoksam-Dong, Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, Korea
Contact: Michael Seo, 02-2009-3160; (South Korea)
Anthony Link, Phone: +1 561-414-4302, (United States)

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Joel Reyes said...

looks like a very good way to backup your photos.

i am currently looking for a way to backup photos onsite.

It is also good to

Backup your Photos Online to be fully protected agains natural disaster that can damage your hardware like the memory cards.

I already have lost several memory

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