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Monday, May 24, 2010

Call for Entries for "The Meaning of Light."

The Meaning of Light
Contest closes June 15, 2010.

We're announcing a Call for Entries for "The Meaning of Light." Submit images taken indoors using either incandescent household lights or studio lights.

In addition to the great prizes from Elinchrom, Gitzo and Lastolite, selected images of merit will receive due recognition in Double Exposure, PHOTOWORKSHOP.COM's online magazine.
More Details on Prizes and Contest Rules

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Look What You Can Do by Virtually Test-Driving the PEN


CENTER VALLEY, Pa.,– To promote the amazing Olympus PEN® E-PL1 portable camera featuring professional digital single lens reflex (DSLR) image quality, point-and-shoot simplicity and high-definition (HD) video, Olympus has created an advertising campaign as innovative as the camera itself. The campaign introduces one of the newest and most groundbreaking media technologies: augmented reality, allowing the user a virtual 3D product experience with the PEN.

Just Like Having the Real PEN Camera in Your Hands

Readers of the June print issue of Wired and the July print issue of Popular Photography will find an augmented reality tip-in card shaped like the Olympus PEN (actual size). The camera card peels off the insert and serves as a marker for use in front of a webcam. Simple instructions for the demo are included and direct users to the Olympus augmented reality site

The augmented reality demo experience enables you to see how simple and innovative this new hybrid camera really is by allowing you to virtually test-drive the PEN. The webcam acts as the camera’s lens. As you hold the camera card in front of a webcam and visit the augmented reality site, a dynamic 3D online product experience is launched where you can see yourself, interact with the camera and simulate product features. You can take pictures, shoot video, try the flash, utilize Live Guide, remove the lens and even use a variety of in-camera Art Filters with the virtual PEN, all while manipulating the 3D camera marker in your hands.

If you didn’t have an opportunity to purchase one of the magazines, look what you can do by simply visiting Print a PDF of the camera card or simply watch a simulation. You can experience all the functionality of the demo along with narration.

“We know the importance of getting the product in the hands of the consumer, and wanted to offer them a rich and interactive experience. This encounter is similar to actually using the PEN, right from your personal computer. The augmented reality experience will allow you to realize the power and creativity of this small, easy-to-use and incredibly fun camera. It truly is powerfully simple,” said Mark Huggins, executive director, Brand Marketing, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “Our advertising for the PEN aims to inspire and empower consumers by telling them, ‘Look what you can do.’ We believe showing is as important as telling when it comes to illustrating the camera’s features—and that’s exactly what the augmented reality technology enables. It’s the pro-quality camera for people like you.”

The E-PL1 incorporates six in-camera Art Filters, which offer the freedom to make your artistic vision an instant reality. Click on the top dial of the virtual PEN and capture still images and videos with five of them: Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pin Hole, Grainy Film and Gentle Sepia. They can be applied to your videos or still images to, for example, achieve a 1960s-style, supersaturated color effect with the Pop Art filter, add mystery to your story with a Pin Hole perspective or recreate classic Film Noir with Grainy Film. The creative possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Once you’ve captured footage with the virtual PEN, share stills with your friends, upload your videos to YouTube or post the entire PEN 3D site experience on Twitter or Facebook.

“Augmented reality has been used by companies before, but more as a gimmick than as an actual, working, in-depth product demo,” said Stephen Mietelski, SVP, group creative director at Mullen, the agency that worked with Olympus on the integrated campaign. “What sets the PEN augmented reality experience apart from everything that’s been done before is that this is such a rich experience of the PEN. It’s as close to having the camera in your hands as you can get without actually having it in your hands.”

The augmented reality PEN 3D is one of several digital experiences created by Mullen for Olympus. Olympus is investing in social media advertising on YouTube and Facebook to expand its social footprint and engage with consumers, utilizing video distribution networks such as SmartClip and YuMe and employing portals to leverage behavioral targeting. Additionally, the brand will have an online media presence on popular imaging sites.

For more details about the Olympus PEN augmented reality experience, as well as the advertising and social media campaign, visit, and and connect with us on, and

Journalists interested in more information should contact Jeff Hluchyj, Mullen Public Relations, (617) 226-9939 or, or Jennifer Colucci, Olympus Imaging America Inc., 3500 Corporate Parkway, Center Valley, PA 18034, ph: (484) 896-5719 / (800) 622-6372 or, or visit the Olympus website:


Olympus Imaging America Inc. is a precision technology leader, designing and delivering award-winning products for consumer and professional markets.

Olympus Imaging America Inc. works collaboratively with its customers and its ultimate parent company, Olympus Corporation, to develop breakthrough technologies with revolutionary product design and functionality that enhances people’s lives every day. These include:

  • Digital Cameras
  • Professional and Consumer Digital SLR Imaging Systems
  • Related Underwater Products and Accessories
  • Digital and Microcassette Recorders
  • Digital Media
  • Binoculars

Olympus Imaging America Inc. is responsible for sales in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. For more information, visit:

Elinchrom Skyport Speed Arrives

The Next Generation of Skyport... Skyport Speed!
Includes: Skyport Eco Transmitter (EL 19349), Skyport Speed Transmitter (EL 19350), Skyport Universal Receiver (EL 19347), Skyport RX Speed Computer USB Transceiver (EL 19348)

New Skyport System Key Benefits
  • Redesigned Cases - Easily avoid accidental power on.
  • LED Indicator Lights - Know at a glance if unit is on/off or if battery needs changing/recharging.
  • Increased Size of Group Sliders - Allows users with large fingers to operate the sliders more easily.
  • Increased Range - 20% increase in shooting distance from original Skyports.
  • Increased DSLR Sync Speeds - Skyport Speed supports camera sync speeds up to 1/280’s (original up to 1/200’s).
  • Micro Controller is 4 Times Faster - Allows Skyport to achieve faster sync speeds and allows for growth to implement enhanced features on future products.
  • Module Auto Power Off - Preserves battery life.
  • New PC to 3.5mm Converter Included With All Universal Sets - Provides the connection between tilt head flashes with a PC socket and Skyport’s 3.5 mm plug. Previously, users had to purchase a separate adapter to connect their flashes in this way.
  • Same Price - Enhanced capabilities at the same great price.

Ranger Quadra Receives Upgrades to RX Status

New Bright LED's
The new LED display offers improved visibility in ambient light and when used outdoors.

NEW "RX" Computer Remote System
The new QUADRA "RX" version offers Computer Remote option using MAC™ or WIN™ computers. All basic controls and the advanced extra features can be individually programmed and modified with the EL-Skyport Software 3.0 (available now as a free BETA version download) which includes built-in USB Drivers. To make it work, the optional EL-Skyport USB RX SPEED module is required.

New Wireless Firmware Update Option
To retain the performance and quality of the Quadra RX and to be able to provide additional features Firmware updates can be made wirelessly with the EL-Skyport software 3.0 and the USB RX SPEED module.
Learn More

Books: Pad: The Missing Manual—New from O'Reilly

Harness the Potential of Apple's iPad—Ebook Available Now

Sebastopol, CA—The iPad is an amazing device, especially if you really know how to use it. New York Times tech columnist, bestselling author, and iPad expert J.D. Biersdorfer shows you how to get the most out of this sleek tablet to surf the Web, send and receive email, watch movies and TV shows, read ebooks, listen to music, play games, and even do a little iWork, with iPad: The Missing Manual (O'Reilly Media, $24.99 USD).

"The iPad is a brand new product that's already sold a million units and is converting people who don't even use a regular laptop because it's so versatile," says Biersdorfer. "It's so much more than just an ebook reader and Web broswer, and my book shows you how to maximize the iPad's potential to make it be whatever you want it to be."

* Learn undocumented tips and tricks. Get the lowdown on cool iPad secrets
* Build and play your media library. Fill up your iPad with music, movies, TV shows, ebooks, photos, music videos, audiobooks, and podcasts
* Get online. Connect through Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3G
* Discover state-of-the-art e-reading. Buy and read books and magazines in full color
* Consolidate your email accounts. Read email from your personal and work accounts
* Shop iTunes and the App Store. Navigate Apple's media emporiums, and learn how to get free music, video, books, and apps

J.D. Biersdorfer is the author of iPod: The Missing Manual and The iPod Shuffle Fan Book, and is co-author of The Internet: The Missing Manual and the second edition of Google: The Missing Manual. She has been writing the weekly computer Q&A column for the Circuits section of The New York Times since 1998.

Additional Resources:
For more information about the book, including full table of contents, sample content, author bio, cover graphic, and a video tutorial from J.D., see:

For tips and tricks from iPad: The Missing Manual on how to sync your contacts with an iPad, see:

iPad: The Missing Manual
J.D. Biersdorfer, with David Pogue
ISBN: 978-1-4493-8784-6, 320 pages,
Book Price: $24.99 USD, Ebook Price: $15.99 USD

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