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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Olympus-Japan Donates Money and Endoscopes for relief effort

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Our support for the northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake

  People affected by the Earthquake off the coast of northeastern Pacific Ocean, We sincere sympathy.
  Olympus Group, for people who are affected by regional earthquake, has decided to donate relief money.
  In addition to the above, check on local conditions and will continue to donate our products to help implement disaster recovery and non-destructive inspection equipment for industrial endoscopes.
  We wish to restore the affected area as soon as possible.

  Contents of support

  : Donations:   1 billion
  : Rescue Equipment:   And non-destructive testing equipment for industrial endoscope



  Industrial endoscopes, equipment and aircraft engine plants, apartment buildings and various piping, and equipment used in the field of maintenance. As can be observed by the naked eye to see through the gap by inserting a small scope of video can help you search for survivors inside the collapsed building.
  Non-destructive inspection equipment, ultrasonic wave incident to the inspection target, based on the time the reflected wave coming back, and the thickness of the object is a device that can identify an object the size of the defect position .  By examining the internal wounds, such as buildings and bridges, you can check the safety of buildings.
  Companies in this release are ※, product names, technical names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
  The information listed here is the information for the press release.  Because it is a press release on currently available information, take a look at the time, information has changed without notice (termination of production and sales, specification, price changes, etc.) may have been.

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