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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Book Review - Digital SLR Settings & Shortcuts for Dummies

by Doug Sahlin. For Dummies - A Branded Imprint of Wiley.

This is a most unique photography book. While most books will address either photography as a whole, or some major aspect of it such as lighting or exposure, this book takes an entirely different approach to the teaching of photography. That approach is basically a shortcut type of method.

The Dummies series, in general, is a wonderful concept. If the reader can get past the name without feeling like a shot is being taken at his or her ego, there is a wealth of information in each title published. And the information is not dummy-fied. It is every bit as advanced in nature as other publications, it just is not as jargon-laden without explaining what the jargon means. Additionally, the Dummies series, in the digital photography and imaging topics anyway, seem to be going to a full-color layout for the books. This makes the reading and learning experience that much more meaningful and enjoyable.

This particular title is exactly what it says it is: Settings and shortcuts. The book is divided into broad category parts, having chapters within that break the broader category into more specific subcategories. For example, Part IV is People. Covered within People are a number of chapters that cover everything from children playing, to parades, and portraits in almost every kind of setting and lighting imaginable.

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