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Friday, January 5, 2018

Raw first look with the Nikon D7500 Kit

We just got the new Nikon D7500 Kit with 18-140mm VR lens in and un-boxed it to see what we have. Raw first look and initial impressions.
After charging the batttery we finally got to play with it a little and set it up.  Its the "upgrade/replacement" to the D7200/7100/7000 but IMHO falls a little short compared to previous bodies. We will be giving it a real world run through its paces here very soon and see where it fits for an active photographer.
The 18-140mm lens is nice and a good travel/universal kit lens for most people. The VR helps with low light and seams to work well for video stabilization too. Down side is the kit does not include a hood for it.

First thoughts
  • It has reasonably accurate exposure and auto white balance
  • Amazingly powerful built in flash with good coverage of the kit lens
  • Lens VR is good, allows us to easly hand hold down to about 1/15s 
  • ISO is very usable to at-least 6400
  • AF is good but not the fastest with the kit lens, (will see if its the lens or body soon)
  • Build is solid but plastic-ey 
  • Really wish it had a battery grip option from Nikon (see video for details)
  • Some may wish it had Duel Card slots.

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