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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Hands on with the Savage LED Light Wand

Nothing but love for this super versatile, super nifty studio lighting product.

The LED Light Wand, a new lighting product by Savage Universal (producers of those wonderful paper backdrop rolls), fulfills so many lighting needs it is difficult to know where to begin.  As the packaging and website states, it is "great for fill lighting, macro photography and product photography." But it's usefulness goes far beyond that.

Studio portrait using the
LED Light Wand as sole light source
Cell phone (iPhone) portrait using the
LED Light Wand
As a portrait light, the lightweight design bring maneuverability, allowing quick and easy placement and adjustment to get just the right effect.  As a single light, it is bright enough to pull off dramatically lit portrait on it's own.  Moreover, the always-on LEDs do not heat up, keeping the subject comfortable.  Additionally, the always-on function of this light, allows for quality studio-appearance portraits with only a cell-phone camera.

The Savage LED Light Wand, used with light shed for product photography, and resulting image
The 180Âș pivot on the light head creates an easy product shooting environment.  Add a light shed or a diffuser for even lighting with soft shadows. 

Close up of handle and controls of the
Savage LED Light Wand
Power Connection for the
Savage LED Light Wand
The easy controls consist of a combined on/off and dimming knob that operates on a stepless continuum for precise control of lighting output.  Only two other knobs keep things simple: One to control the pivot, and one to tighten onto a light stand.

A nice addition to this product would be the availability of a portable power pack, enabling its use without being tied to an electrical supply. However, the standard connectors used to connect the Light Wand to its included AC power supply mean another brand portable power supply may be available.

The Savage LED Light Wand retails for $59.99 and is available at and other retailers.

 The product used in this review was generously provided by Savage Universal

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