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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pentax K-M?

Rumors are spreading on a new Pentax budget DSLR, the Pentax K-M or KM. With original links back to the Pentax Germany site, this seams to be a slip-up by web-staff and found by savvy Internet searchers. I am not posting any pictures because there is no way of telling if they are 100% real, but I will post some specs that have been listed elsewhere.
Apparently Amazon UK also leaked this body and alowed it up on their site for a few hours, complete with specs:

60+ Weather Seals
AA Batteries
3.5fps (buffer??)
no live view
Pentamirror (no pentaprism)
5 focusing points
16 segment metering
ISO up to 3200

This could be a nice Little camera they have shaping up for the entry market.

Again I note that all specs are not official and have been obtained threw various sources who clam to be legit with this info.

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