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Monday, September 15, 2008

Eye-Fi + D90 = wireless bliss

Nikon again has teamed with the programmers over at Eye-Fi to integrate the wireless SD Card solution into the new D90. This is their second paring with Nikon as the D60 also had improved Eye-Fi functions/capability
Eye-Fi has been in production-commercial business just about a year now and have grown from their humble beginnings when everyone said they can't do it. Proving everyone wrong they now offer a computer with 2gig of memory into an SD card. With this second Teaming with Nikon they are offering easy wireless photo transfer from camera to computer/net with an SLR at a tenth of the price of other wireless transfer solutions. More details after the Jump...

Press Release:
Eye-Fi, Inc.(, makers of the world’s first wireless memory card for digital cameras, today announced that it collaborated with Nikon Corporation, a world leader in digital imaging and precision optics, to deliver enhanced integration of its Eye-Fi cards with Nikon’s newly announced digital SLR camera, Nikon D90. The D90 is Nikon’s second “Eye-Fi Connected” camera, following the Nikon D60, which was released earlier this year. Eye-Fi Connected cameras make it easier for photographers to use their Eye-Fi cards to wireless upload images to their computer or favorite online photo sharing site.

While Eye-Fi cards work seamlessly with conventional SD-compatible digital cameras, the Eye-Fi Connected Nikon D90 gives users an improved out-of- box experience and more control of wireless capabilities. The camera will detect when an Eye-Fi card is inserted and manage its power settings to ensure that photos upload effortlessly for sharing and storing. In addition, the Nikon D90 will include an Eye-Fi menu that allows users to turn the wireless function on or off, giving the user more freedom to customize how and when they want to use the Eye-Fi card. For example, if a user is in a hospital or on an airplane, or anywhere else where wireless connectivity is not allowed, the user may disable the wireless function through the Eye-Fi menu.

“Working with Nikon on this Eye-Fi Connected camera allows us to provide an even better experience for our users,” said Yuval Koren, chief product officer and co-founder of Eye-Fi. “This is a great example of how a non-wireless camera can be optimized for the Eye-Fi card to create the best experience possible. Together, we continue to find ways to make taking, saving and sharing digital memories as automatic and effortless as possible.”

The Eye-Fi Connected Nikon D90 will be unveiled at Photokina in Cologne, Germany on September 23, 2008.

Eye-Fi’s family of products, including the Eye-Fi Home, Share and Explore cards range from $79-$129 USD, and can be purchased at major online retail locations or at Circuit City and Ritz Camera Centers nationwide. Eye-Fi has won numerous awards, including PC World’s “The 100 Best Products of 2008” and Yahoo! Tech’s “Last Gadget Standing 2008” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. For more information, please visit


About Eye-Fi Inc
Founded in 2005, the company is dedicated to building products and services that help consumers navigate, nurture and share their visual memories. Eye-Fi’s patent-pending technology works with Wi-Fi networks to automatically send photos from a digital camera to online, in-home and retail destinations. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., the company’s investors include LMS Capital, Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures and TransLink Capital. More information is available at

*Nikon has collaborated with Eye-Fi but is not responsible for the quality of Eye-Fi’s products and services.

LaCie 4big Quadra RAID System

With 7 RAID modes, max capacity of 6TB, and is almost 50 percent quieter and
saves up to 80 percent more energy that traditional RAID towers. This new Disk-system shines more light on the dark stage that is Storage of Digital Files. With Cameras putting out larger and larger files and long-term archival storage is still expensive (Tape drives are the only pseudo archival digital storage medium) RAID systems are becoming all the rage. With the assistance of more user-friendly interfaces the average photographer can now manage a RAID system to make sure his files are backed up and safe.
LaCie is quickly adressing this problem with their new series of RAID towers
Specs and more ...

For Immediate Release

LaCie 4big Quadra Sets a New Standard in RAID Technology

? RAID power: add up to 6 Terabytes on your desk
? Huge capacity for backing up all your data
? Superior protection and speed for creative pros
? Four hot-swappable disks for non-stop data access
? Designed to complement and enhance working environments

PORTLAND, OR (September 2008) ­ LaCie today announced the 4big Quadra, the
most complete four-bay RAID solution for small servers, creative pro
workstations or offices that need large storage and backup capacity,
superior speed and advanced security. Offering capacities of up to 6TB
(6000GB) and a versatile hot-swap feature, the 4big Quadra supports seven
RAID modes including RAID 0 and RAID 5 for optimal performance and data

Thanks to its native RAID controller that conserves computer resources, the
4big offers burst transfer rates reaching up to 200-230MB/s* through eSATA
3Gbits. This solution integrates perfectly with most applications that
demand high speed, such as photo processing, audio/video projects,
pre-press, and even HD post-production. Compatible with Time Machine , the
4big also comes with Genie Backup Manager Pro and Intego Backup Manager
Pro for customizable backup and computer recovery.

³The LaCie 4big Quadra definitely sets a new standard in RAID Technology for
creative professionals and small sever backups,² said Arnaud Prézelin, LaCie
Product manager for Creative Pro solutions. ³For instance, the 4big Quadra
enables digital content creators to work on multiple HD video streams or to
manage RAW photos libraries with live effects.²

The 4big Quadra not only sets a new standard in RAID technology and
performance, but was also designed with the modern professional office in
mind. Its stackable and chainable design helps to save space, and it is
expandable and scalable up to four units (providing up to an amazing 24TB
capacity and 600 MB/s transfer rates). The 4big Quadra¹s universal
connectivity (with eSATA, Firewire 400/800, and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interfaces)
helps to ensure maximum compatibility with any Mac or PC.

Compared to traditional RAID towers, it saves up to 80 percent more energy,
and its revolutionary ultra-reliable cooling system is almost 50 percent
quieter, making it the perfect choice for creative professionals. The
technology, performance and design of the 4big Quadra make it an ideal
addition to any workspace.

The LaCie 4big Quadra will be available in 2TB, 4TB or 6TB in October
through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Reseller+ or LaCie Storage Partner at
the suggested retail price starting $899.00 (excluding VAT). For more
information, visit .

About Neil Poulton
Neil Poulton was born in Thurso, Scotland. A graduate in Industrial Design
from Edinburgh University and Milan's Domus Academy, Poulton first came into
public view in 1989 as the creator of "the ageing pens,² pens made from a
³living,² wearing plastic that changes color and form with use. Today, Neil
Poulton designs and develops best-selling, award-winning products for a
variety of international clients including LaCie & Artemide. Since 1991,
Poulton has lived and worked in Paris, France.

About LaCie
Located in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, Singapore and Hong
Kong, LaCie is the leading manufacturer of computer peripherals for Windows,
Apple and Linux users. LaCie creates external storage solutions and color
monitors that help professionals and everyday people easily manage their
digital lives. LaCie has differentiated its products through original
designs and leading-edge technology. Established in France in 1989, LaCie is
listed on Euronext under FR0000054314 (LAC). For more information, visit

Zeiss for Canon (at last)

After waiting what seams like forever, Canon EF users can finally enjoy the wonders of manual-focus High Quality and Speed Zeiss glass with the first 2 lenses being their Planar T* 1.4/50 ZE and Planar T* 1.4/85 ZE

Official Press Release:
More optics for everyone

ZE: Carl Zeiss SLR Lenses Now Also With EF Bayonet

Thornwood, NY, September 2008: Carl Zeiss is expanding its successful line of SLR lenses with the introduction of the Zeiss ZE Lenses with EF bayonet for all analog and digital EOS camera models...

As with all EF compatible lenses, the new ZE lenses from Carl Zeiss transfer all information exclusively via electronic contacts. This means that all exposure modes such as programmed auto exposure, shutter priority, aperture priority and manual setting are supported. The aperture setting is controlled from the camera body and the automatic focus confirmation remains available to an unlimited extent with these manual focus lenses. With digital SLRs, the lens data and all exposure data can also be accessed via the camera’s EXIF file. Even E-TTL flash metering is supported.

The first lenses to be available will be the Planar T* 1,4/50 ZE and the Planar T* 1,4/85 ZE in the last quarter of this year. Further focal lengths will be added to the line within the next few months.

Focal length: 50mm 85mm

List price: $660 $1,170

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