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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Advertising with P3 News & Reviews is easy.
Advertising rates are based on a per-month plan, discounts for a campaign that lasts longer.
Your add will be integrated across the entire site and will appear in the same spot on each page.

Sidebar (most popular Limit 5 Clients per month)
Small 200x100px $50/month
Large 200x500px $75/month

Bottom of Blog Columns (Limit 2 Clients per month)
450x30px $75/mo

Top of page (Most expensive. Limit 1 clients per month)
720x90px MAX $150/month

Bottom of Page (Largest space available Limit 2 clients per month)
720x200max $100/month

Presidential Campaign Plan: (Combine and save! Limit 1 Client per month)
Top of page add, Small sidebar add and bottom of Blog-Column add $200
Top of page add and large sidebar add $175

We also "work in-trade" (Product for advertising space)
For Detailed rates, Plans or to advertise contact Brendan at Brendanp3 (at)

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