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Friday, October 30, 2009

Hands On: BlackRapid R-strap RS-7 Review

By Mel B.
This strap system was previously reviewed by Brendan (here) who, while giving it an overall positive review, had some reservations based on the mechanism that mounts the strap to the camera. Black Rapid has since revised their mounting system and the RS-7 features the new attachment.

PPE 09 Booth visit video HERE

This strap was used for this new review in two different scenarios: sidelines sport shooting that was largely stationary, with two cameras, the RS-7 being for the second camera, worn under a traditional strap holding the first camera; and while shooting with only one camera but in a situation that required a large of amount of walking and movement.

As in the previous review, I too found that this strap makes for a very comfortable carry and sufficiently distributes the weight of the camera making it easier to bear for long periods of time. The photographer is afforded easy and quick access to camera and there is enough length to work with another camera on a traditional strap without the cameras becoming tangled. The sliding buckle system kept the padded shoulder portion in place through a full day of shooting and moving from one location to another. There is no question that this is a quality product that has been well designed in both the areas of comfort and functionality.

The big change in this strap system from the previous review was the method of attachment to the camera. Like the previous model, it utilizes the tripod mount hole on either the bottom of the camera (or grip) or on the tripod mount ring of your lens. However, the revised model, the FastenR-2, features a rubber washer between stainless steel fastener and the camera, providing sufficient tension to allow it to be tightened down without having to over-tighten to get it to stay in the mount hole. The generously sized D-ring made it very easy to tighten, and then loosen again, but the attachment did not loosen on it's own even slightly, even after a full day of moving around shooting a marathon.
The ConnectR-2, which connects the strap to the fastener, can actually lock down to prevent any accidental detachments there as well. Toward the end of the second day of use I felt sufficiently confident in the attachment to no longer keep one hand on my camera at all times (although often I did to keep it from being bashed by the crowds). However I will qualify my praise of the attachment by stating that my precautionary hand on camera could conceivably have been responsible for the lack of loosening as I was reducing the camera jiggle that would occur while walking. So to somewhat confirm the security of the mount I held my camera by the strap, close to the attaching bracket and jiggled it for a couple minutes (a mere inch above a heavily padded surface. I take reviewing seriously but I'm not stupid!). There was no loosening. Judging from Brendan's experiences with an older model it would appear that this is a vast improvement from the previous design.

Orientation of the camera is a big advantage for the quick grab and shoot. However, shooter beware as this same orientation is somewhat side-dependant. While carrying with the camera at the left hip I found that the camera settings would change with walking motion (in my case the culprit was one of the scroll wheels on my grip hitting my leg/hip -- the ISO would suddenly be set to 6400 when I had last shot at ISO 100. Oops). One must either double check settings or turn camera off while walking, which somewhat counters the speed of shooting gained by the camera orientation. However, the orientation also makes the camera seem more safe from bumping while moving though crowds by not having a lens sticking out in front or to the side, so it's a compromise. I would prefer to not change how I shoot to match a product but in this case the advantage of the method of carrying, in my opinion, outweighs the adjustment. This is a quality product.

BlackRapid Site

By Mel Beus for P3 N&R
Images from BlackRapid

Strap was provided by BlackRapid for review with no request for return. Reviewer has since kept strap and is using it depending on shooting demands/conditions.
Remember P3 provides Honest Reviews no matter what, If it doesn't work, has shoddy craftsmanship etc We will tell you. We do not give good reviews because of advertisers or for the "free" equipment.

Pentax K-X Review

The widely talked about Pentax K-x has inspired many to reconsider the brand in combination with the slightly older K7 that came out back in July. With HD Video, 4.7FPS, 11 point AF and many other advanced features including a very impressive ISO 12800 this little camera has many high-end features. Placed around the entry to mid level range this camera is priced to move and compete against the likes of the D5000 and D90 along with the Canon Rebel.
To separate it from its competition Pentax is offering a verity of colors, limited choices here in the USA but over in Japan you can get the entire (seams like it) spectrum of colors and combos.
We haven't gotten a hands-on yet but the folks over at Photography Blog have and have done their homework and through testing on their unit. Check it out HERE

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Learn Capture One: Webinar

Transitioning to Capture One 5

Whether you've been using Capture One 4 or have stayed with Capture One 3 this course is made for you. We will cover Capture One 5, Phase One's latest software release, from installation to output and everything in between.

Course Topics:
  • New Terminology
  • Activation Process
  • Customized Workspaces
  • Floating Tools & Custom Tool Tabs
  • Variants
  • Favorites & Albums
  • Image Correction Tools
  • New Features & Functionality
Date: Thursday, November 19, 10am-12pm ET
$149 / 2 Hours

Get 10% off! Use Promo Code: DTC15

Click here for detailed course information and to sign up!

From Camera to Computer—New from Rocky Nook

How to Make Fine Photographs Through Examples, Tips, and Techniques
Santa Barbara, CA—Ever wonder what it would be like to get inside the head of an accomplished photographer as he chooses a subject, works the scene, selects an image, and then edits the image, resulting in a piece of photographic art? With this newest book from Rocky Nook, From Camera to Computer ($39.95 USD), you can do just that.

As a follow-up to his successful first book, Take Your Photography To The Next Level, author and photographer George Barr now applies the practice to the theory. Go along with George as he searches for subjects, sorts out scenes, refines his composition, and then moves as he edits his images, not only correcting flaws, but making the images match his vision.

You'll see proof sheets and "not quite there" images, and you'll learn tips on image editing from someone who is focused on creating a fine art image rather than mass producing many similar images--which is often the goal of commercial photographers.

With his friendly, easy-to-understand approach, George goes beyond how to edit your images by teaching the whys behind the editing process. This book is certain to help you dramatically improve your own images.

Topics include:

* Finding photographic subjects
* Working the scene
* Practical issues in composition
* What to change in a captured image
* How to edit your images--a practical, easy workflow

George Barr has been an avid photographer since age 12, working initially with a WWII Zeiss Ikonta and in a basement darkroom. He progressed through medium format, 4x5, and now uses DSLRs. He is a family doctor with a special interest in psychiatry, but his primary passion has always been the fine art photograph.

By the time George closed his darkroom, he was making very high quality prints and carried on this level of excellence with digital cameras and inkjet printing, producing some of the finest inkjet prints made.

George's major milestones include learning from Fred Picker how to make high quality prints; learning from Hubert Hohn of the Edmonton Art Gallery how to "see" photographs; studying original, bare Edward Weston prints; attending workshops, working with galleries, and being published. His images have been publishes in Black and White Photography, Black and White, Focus, Lenswork, and Outdoor Photography (British version).

George has been a long time teacher of medical students, patients, and fellow photographers. As a writer of patient newsletters, it was a short step to writing books and essays on photography. George has bravely tackled writing on the challenging subjects of aesthetics, seeing, and composing in a style that is clear, practical, and applicable to many.

Additional Resources:
For more information about the book, see:

From Camera to Computer
From Camera to Computer
Publisher: Rocky Nook
George Barr
ISBN: 9781933952376, 296 pages,
Book Price: $39.95 USD

About Rocky Nook
Rocky Nook's books are distributed internationally by O'Reilly Media.

Rocky Nook was founded in early 2006 in Santa Barbara, California, and is closely associated with dpunkt.verlag, a leading publisher of books on technology based in Heidelberg, Germany. The focus of Rocky Nook's publications is on digital photography and computing.

About O'Reilly
O'Reilly Media spreads the knowledge of innovators through its books, online services, magazines, and conferences. Since 1978, O'Reilly Media has been a chronicler and catalyst of cutting-edge development, homing in on the technology trends that really matter and spurring their adoption by amplifying "faint signals" from the alpha geeks who are creating the future. An active participant in the technology community, the company has a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism.

# # #

O'Reilly is a registered trademark of O'Reilly Media, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treat from Eye-Fi

Eye-Fi's October bag o' treats
Love Halloween?
Enter Eye-Fi's Haunted Video Contest! Upload your best Halloween video and get your friends to vote for a chance to win an Eye-Fi Share Video card + Eye-Fi connected Casio Exilim EX-S12 or one of 4 other fangtastic prizes!

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Keep your Facebook friends up to date!

Enjoy taking photos and videos but don't have the time to tell your friends on Facebook? You can now set your Eye-Fi card to post a message on your Facebook wall every time you upload photos & videos online (it'll even include the link!).
Watch the video tutorial »

Make videos fly to your Facebook account

Love videos? Love Facebook? Now your videos can automatically fly to your Facebook account. Add Facebook as a video destination to share fun in motion. Don't want to share it all? Remember, all Eye-Fi cards have the Selective Transfer option. When enabled, only selected photos or videos get transferred.
Watch the tutorial for video transfers »
read about Selective Transfer »

Scared at the prospect of taking Halloween pics?

These 3 quick photo tips will make taking Halloween pics a treat!
Read the quick tips »

Eye-Fi cards now available in the UK
Have you been waiting for Eye-Fi cards to be shipping in the United Kingdom? Wait no more! Cards are now available for sale...
Visit the UK website »

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Monday, October 26, 2009

PDN Photo Plus Expo Wrap up Video

More Video coming from individual booth visits soon.

Video shot using Pentax K7 with Azden super cardioid Mic (on camera) and Lite Panels Micro Pro LED Lite (on camera)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

'it's not pink" As Seen at PPE

By Mel B. for P3n&r
National Geographic, known for their rugged safari looking bags, has gone urban chic. The Walkabout Tote is an oversized tote serves a double life as a carry-all and a camera bag.  The camera bag part  comes in the form of a padded, zippered insert to hold the camera and some accessories.  The bag itself is zippered and padded as well so lenses in cases or pouches would probably do well just in the bag.  The bag is large and roomy for anything you may want to drag along on your day about town and there additional pockets on the outside for smaller items.  The tote retails for $98 and comes in a classy charcoal grey with black leather accents.
National Geographic Walkabout Tote Bag

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brendan Reporting @ PPE

Brendan with his photo/video pentax k7 rig with mic and LitePanels Micro Pro light. (photo by Mike A.)

Black Rapid live from ppe

New RS7 accepts whole new line of "MODS" litte pouches and lens bags that attach to the strap.

Live from ppe w/@ Hoodman

New hoods for lcd's viewfinders and laptops

Lacie @ ppe Live!

New Stark HDD

PPE Live @ Sandisk

With a Bobcar based display tey showed off their cards and featured the new Extreme Pro 600x cf cards

Live at ppe w/ Nissin

New Di866 flash with first full color rotating mee display $289

PhotoPlus Expo (it's not pink!)

by Mel B. for P3n&r

There was plenty to see at this year's Photoplus Expo.  Besides the usually assortment of new technology introduced (and soon to be released) the accessories market is flowering in new and exciting products that change the way we carry our photography gear.  Included in this year's offerings were products that are very friendly to or designed specifically for female shooters.  More to come soon.

Live @ pe w/ SteadePod

Old dog new tricks, the Steadepod combines the flexibility of a monpod type device and the ease of use of the old roap trick. $30msrp

Live w/ Data Robics: Drobo Pro!

Drobo Pro 8-hdd tota 256tb max capacity and desktop or rack mount interface. Start at $1499 (unit only) up to $3499 w/ 16tb

Live@ ppe with Lensbaby

New products at show include a fisheye and soft focus lenses that will fit in the composer lens system

Friday, October 23, 2009

HP at Photo Plus

HP is showing its consumer division printers and cameras more coming soon about some new cool partnerships.

LicenseStream @ ppe

Stock photo licensing service

Live w/ Sony at ppe

New Sony photo frame and printer. $199 in Jan.


Kodak giving away samples

We are here... Still... LIVE

Live with Olympus @ ppe

The Pen E-P1 and accessories

Live with Nikon at PPE

New Nikon d300s and d3s

Live @ ppe wth Leica

New Leica M9 and X1

Ppe live International Supplies

Live from PPE

The show floor

2010 Security Suites Reviewed

PC Mag reviewed nearly a dozen 2010 security suites to keep you safe, Who was the best, Find out HERE

"The 2010 "model year" for security suites got started early, with a couple of products already out in June. Panda Internet Security 2010 made a decent showing, but eScan Internet Security Suite for Home Users Version 10 isn't ready to provide serious competition for any of the better-known contenders in the U.S. market. Much the same is true of K7 TotalSecurity Version 10.0: It's popular in Japan, but doesn't live up to the standards set by other major products here—at least it didn't bog down my test systems. Through the summer the suites kept rolling in, keeping me busy with all-out evaluations. "

LIVE from PPE!

We are now coming to you live from Photo Plus Expo in NYC! More updates coming via phone and computers throughout te day.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


D5000 D-SLR and COOLPIX S230 among Products Compatible with New Windows Platform

MELVILLE, N.Y. (Oct. 22, 2009) – Today, Nikon Inc. announced its customized design compatibility with its line of COOLPIX compact and digital SLR cameras and the new Windows 7 Device Stage feature of the Windows 7 platform. The D5000 D-SLR and COOLPIX S230 boast the highest level of compatibility available with Windows 7, once again emphasizing Nikon Inc.’s dedication to providing its customers with capable photographic tools and a simple-to-use interface.

“We are excited to continue bringing new innovations and features to our customers, specifically those compatible with the Windows 7 platform,” said Bo Kajiwara, director of marketing and planning, Nikon Inc. “It is exciting to see the new innovations, not only with our line of photographic products, but with seamless compatibility with one of the world’s foremost operating systems.”

The Windows 7 Device Stage interface for the D5000 and COOLPIX S230 cameras, available in November, will provide users with a graphical representation of their specific camera model when connected to their Windows 7-based computer. Users will be able to easily identify their camera as a disk drive and quickly access and manage their photos and videos. In addition, the windows for accessing these specific cameras are customized with Nikon’s logo and branding, and provide links to Nikon’s product Web pages, allowing consumers to quickly navigate to their product’s individual online resource.

Microsoft Corp. will highlight Nikon’s D5000 and COOLPIX S230 cameras as part of the Windows 7 launch, showcasing the above compatibility and user navigation at the Windows 7 launch event in New York City on October 22.

For more information about Nikon cameras compatible with the Windows 7 Device Stage interface, please visit For more information about Nikon’s line of photographic and imaging products, as well as those compatible with Windows 7, please visit

About Nikon
Nikon, At the Heart of the Image™. Nikon Inc. is the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology and is globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance for its award-winning consumer and professional photographic equipment. Nikon Inc. distributes consumer and professional digital SLR cameras, NIKKOR optics, Speedlights and system accessories; Nikon COOLPIX® compact digital cameras; COOLSCAN® digital film scanners; 35mm film SLR cameras; Nikon software products and Nikon sports and recreational optics. For the second consecutive year, Nikon D Series digital SLR cameras are recognized as “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with digital SLR cameras, Two Years in a Row, Tied in 2008.” according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 and 2008 Digital Camera Usage and Satisfaction StudiesSM. Nikon Corporation, the parent company of Nikon Inc., recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of its legendary F-mount lens-mounting system. Only Nikon has sustained an original lens mount for such an extraordinary period, ensuring that photographers can continue to leverage their previous investments while still taking advantage of new innovations. For more information, dial (800) NIKON-UX or visit, which links all levels of photographers to the Web's most comprehensive photo learning and sharing communities.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.


Consumer CE Holiday Spending to Increase; Regen Takes Home Top i-Stage Honors

The definitive CE holiday sales forecast, the second annual i-Stage competition and a luncheon keynote by Sir Ken Robinson, acclaimed innovator and author, were among the hot happenings on Day One of the 2009 Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® Industry Forum. Designed to connect, educate and inform consumer technology professionals, CEA’s 2009 Industry Forum runs through Wednesday, October 21 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shawn DuBravac, CEA's chief economist and director of research and Steve Koenig, CEA's director of industry analysis, kicked off the Industry Forum's programming with the popular Holiday Sales and Forecast presentation. DuBravac began with an economic overview and outlook, noting that despite a difficult year there are signs of optimism for the holidays.

Koenig announced CEA's research finding that consumers plan to spend more on consumer electronics this holiday season as technology plays a main role in holiday gift budgets. CEA found that consumers plan to spend an average of $222 on CE this holiday, a gain of eight percent over last year. The 16th Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns study tracks CE devices consumers intend to give as gifts, as well as those they hope to receive. Consumer electronics comprise four of the top 10 items on adults' holiday gift wish list, with computers and video games ranking two and three respectively, behind clothing.

“There are signs of optimism in our holiday forecast,” said DuBravac. “As the holiday approaches, consumer appetite for technology highlights the resiliency of the tech sector.”

Immediately following the Holiday Sales and Forecast presentation, CEA launched its second annual i-Stage competition where eleven finalists unveiled their products before a live audience and expert judges. Regen, the light powered personal and home electronics company, took the top prize for its ReNu personal solar power generation and storage system. Central to the ReNu system is the ReNu panel, a freestanding power module containing solar cells, a rechargeable battery and an intelligent user interface. The panel can be hung or placed in direct light to capture energy. When replenished by sunlight, a user can drop a ReNu panel into one of a series of Regen extensions to utilize the energy they have created.

As the winner, Regen will receive $40,000 dollars, a turn-key exhibit at the 2010 International CES®, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow and the option of a booth at CES Unveiled in New York or Las Vegas. Regen was also chosen by the audience as the Fan Favorite and took home a bonus $2,500.

In addition, EnTourage Systems, Inc. placed second in the competition with its eDGe™ product and was awarded $7,500, as well as the option of a booth at CES Unveiled in New York or Las Vegas. The enTourage eDGe is the world’s first dualbook, combining the functions of an e-reader, netbook, notepad, and audio/video recorder and player in one.

Sir Ken Robinson, acclaimed innovator and author of the book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, addressed attendees during a luncheon keynote Monday afternoon. Robinson began by stating that imagination is the only thing that sets us apart and that we spend most of our lives suppressing it. He went on to tell the crowded room that in order to achieve success both professionally and personally that we cannot be afraid of making mistakes and must embrace the unknown of our imagination in the search of innovation. "We must make innovation a habit, not an accident and to do that we need to challenge the things we take for granted."

Sir Ken Robinson, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources. He works with governments in Europe, Asia and the USA, with international agencies, Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s leading cultural organizations.

Highlights for Tuesday’s Industry Forum will include: Economic Outlook-The Economy in CE Terms, CEA’s Annual Meeting and Luncheon Keynote with Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder, president and CEO, NVIDIA Corporation and The CE Hall of Fame Dinner where new inductees will be honored for their historic contributions to the consumer electronics industry. A full list of inductees can be found here.
For more information on CEA and the 2009 CEA Industry Forum, visit

About CEA:
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is the preeminent trade association promoting growth in the $172 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry. More than 2,000 companies enjoy the benefits of CEA membership, including legislative advocacy, market research, technical training and education, industry promotion and the fostering of business and strategic relationships. CEA also sponsors and manages the International CES - Where Entertainment, Technology and Business Converge. All profits from CES are reinvested into CEA's industry services. Find CEA online at


New service lets consumers and professionals automatically create and share Animoto videos made from their hosted SmugMug assets

New York, NY - October 22, 2009 – Animoto® (, the video creation platform that lets anyone quickly and easily create professional-quality videos from their own photos, video clips, music and text, today announced a partnership with SmugMug (, a trusted source for storing photos and video footage, establishing a two-way integration of the services. SmugMug users can now easily create Animoto videos from photos and video clips in their SmugMug accounts, while Animoto users can export their personalized video creations straight to SmugMug for storage, sharing, and reselling. The announcement was made today at the PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo in New York City.

“We’re pleased to announce our partnership with SmugMug as they are the trusted leader in photo and video storage and sharing for serious photographers,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO and co-founder of Animoto. “Our business models are similar, offering valuable solutions to both consumers and professionals, so we think SmugMug and Animoto users will love how we’ve joined forces to make the video creation process of digital storytelling easier than ever.”

To create an Animoto video from within SmugMug, a user simply clicks the “Buy” menu from within a gallery and selects “Create an Animoto Video.” The user is then redirected to and placed directly into the video creation process with their SmugMug photos and video clips already loaded. When the video is finished, the user opens the “Export” menu from Animoto’s video toolbox and selects “SmugMug” to export the completed video back to SmugMug.

"We've loved Animoto videos since we discovered them in 2007," said Don MacAskill, CEO and Chief Geek of SmugMug. "Animoto lets ordinary people combine photos, videos and music quickly, with results that look like the work of professionals. SmugMug customers will be thrilled with this integration because they'll be able to add so much excitement to their SmugMug galleries."

The heart of Animoto is its Cinematic Artificial Intelligence® technology that thinks like an actual director and editor using the same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques that are used in television and film. The technology takes into account every nuance of a song: the genre, song structure, energy, rhythm, instrumentation, and vocals. No two videos are ever the same; even videos generated with an identical set of images and music will each have a completely distinct set of motion design. Videos are produced in widescreen format and can be emailed, embedded on any website, or downloaded in DVD-quality formats for display on computers, televisions, and even large projection screens.

Last year at PhotoPlus, Animoto launched Animoto for Photography, a subscription service that specifically caters to the needs of professional photographers. Using the service, Photographers can easily create an unlimited number of unique, professional-quality videos that can be sold on DVD or distributed online via blogs, websites, social networks and mobile devices. In August 2009, Animoto added to the offering by introducing the ability to easily incorporate video clips alongside photos to create stunning video productions rivaling TV and film.

Animoto and SmugMug will be showcasing together in booths #465 and #467 at the PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo in New York City, October 22-24, 2009.

More information about Animoto for Photography can be found at

About Animoto
The founders of Animoto ProductionsÔ include veterans of the entertainment industry who share a passion for helping people better share their stories and express themselves through online media by innovating technologies in the field of video production. Animoto Productions, founded in August 2006, is based in New York City with an office in San Francisco. Visit

About SmugMug

Since 2002, snap-shooters, passionate enthusiasts, and pro photographers have added more than 600 million photos and videos to SmugMug. They choose SmugMug for its beautiful online displays, which can be uniquely customized. SmugMug is located in Silicon Valley, CA. Visit

Animoto, Animoto Productions and Cinematic Artificial Intelligence are registered trademarks of Animoto Inc. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.



One-on-one quick clinics and free resources to help photographers
rethink their websites and grow their businesses online

New York, NY, October 22, 2009 - PhotoPlus Expo Booth #172 - PhotoShelter (, the leader in websites and online tools for serious photographers, will be hosting a series of in-booth activities at the PhotoPlus Expo to help photographers demand more business support and direct results from their websites.

Photographers are invited to visit PhotoShelter's booth (#172) for a comprehensive yet quick, 39-point website evaluation. These sessions will help photographers' assess their progress in adopting proven Internet marketing tactics to generate new website visitors and turn them into paying clients. A PhotoShelter website is not needed to participate. Specifically, the checkup will explore:

* SEO - Is the website optimized to drive new traffic through search engines?
* User Experience - Do features and designs align with what photo editors and commercial image buyers find most important?
* Analytics - Is the photographer using tools to monitor and learn from visitors' traffic patterns?
* Call to Action - Does the website stimulate real action - whether commerce, deeper engagement, or social/viral sharing?

Image: from Photoshelter

The website checkups will be based on insights from PhotoShelter's extensive free research reports for photographers - - including the 2009 What Buyers Want Survey, the SEO Cookbook for Photography Websites, and Google Analytics for Photographers. Takeaway insights and PhotoShelter's 39-point website checkup can also be found in SHIFT/RELOAD, a mini-magazine PhotoShelter produced for PhotoPlus. For photographers not attending PhotoPlus, SHIFT/RELOAD can be downloaded here:

Also at PhotoPlus, several accomplished PhotoShelter photographers will be available to demonstrate how they use PhotoShelter to power their websites, online marketing, e-commerce and client image delivery. Participants include sports photographers Brad Mangin and Ed Mulholland, photojournalists Robert Caplin & David Brabyn, architecture, interiors & gardens specialist Stacy Bass, and concert photographer Chris Owyoung PhotoShelter representatives will also share details on recent partnerships with Graph Paper Press for easy WordPress blog integration, and TinEye, the reverse image search engine by Idée.

"PhotoShelter is at the center of a changing philosophy on photographers' websites," said CEO Allen Murabayashi. "Photographers are rapidly moving away from the strictly "portfolio" style, flash-only websites of the past decade, and more toward "business tools" that support online image sales, search engine optimization, social marketing, and deeper, engaging user experiences. PhotoPlus provides a great opportunity for us to showcase our thought leadership in this area."

Murabayashi will appear on a PhotoPlus panel - "Tools for Selling Stock Direct" - at 1:15 PM on Thursday, October 22.
About PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter is the leader in portfolio websites, photo sales and archiving tools for photographers.

Over 50,000 photographers worldwide use PhotoShelter to power their success online, with customizable website templates, searchable galleries, e-commerce capabilities, and bulletproof image storage. Photographers can create a professional PhotoShelter website in under five minutes, or customize PhotoShelter to power their existing website. A true solution designed to make the business of photography easier to manage - PhotoShelter offers security, global accessibility, and advanced marketing tools so photographers can make their images work harder for them. To join our community, visit

PENTAX : release of Firmware Update Version 1.02 for K-7.

Changes to V1.02
  • Added [Fine Sharpness 2] which makes image outlines even sharper than [Fine Sharpness] to the Sharpness setting of Custom Image. How to select [Fine Sharpness 2], Click Here
  • Improved total image processing performance at the particular shooting condition or setting such as preview image quality at the "Water Color & Pastel" of Digital Filter mode.
  • Improved stability for general performance such as with Battery Grip D-BG4, the rear e-dial may rarely become unstable in particular shooting condition.
Download HERE (Pentax website link)


Combination Device Makes It Easy to View and Share Images

News Facts

* Sony Electronics is launching a stylish multitasking S-Frame® digital photo frame with printer (model DPP-F700).
* The sleek, all-in-one device allows photo viewing and printing for picture lovers who enjoy displaying and sharing copies of their special memories.
* Showcasing your favorite photos in vibrant color and crisp detail, the DPP-F700 features a 7-inch (measured diagonally) (16:10) LCD display with WVGA (800 x 480) resolution.
* The device prints 4 x 6-inch professional quality 300 x 300 dpi photos instantly in just 45 seconds.
* Allowing you to edit images before printing, the device’s options include enlarge, reduce, crop, date stamp on/off, border/borderless (for single prints), and brightness, contrast, hue, and sharpness adjustment.
* In Creative Print mode, you can make a calendar with pictures (more than 30 templates), print an ID photo, and create a "layout print" with multiple images on one sheet.
* Using Screen Capture, you can print exactly what is displayed on the screen during a slideshow.
* The frame-printer device features about one gigabyte of internal storage capacity with an auto-resizing adjustment that downsizes photos to let you store up to 2,000 photos.

Video in Action
More Details and photos after the jump

* Image transfer is a snap with direct USB input from your PC, as well as support for most memory cards, including Memory Stick PRO™, Memory Stick PRO Duo™, Secure Digital (SD), SDHC, Multi-Media Card (MMC), Compact Flash®, and xD-Picture Card™ media.
* Whether the device is set vertically or horizontally, the Auto Orientation sensor automatically rotates your photos into portrait or landscape format according to the placement.
* A wide range of view and print modes and many other functions can be managed from the included remote control.
* Multiple playback options offer flexibility to display photos as single images, as thumbnails for easy searching, or as a slideshow with ten built-in transitions.
* The new S-Frame model supports JPEG, TIFF, and BMP image file formats.
* Supplied accessories include a paper tray, AC adaptor, CD-ROM (print driver, PMB), operation manual, cleaning kit, and stand.
* Optional print packs include compatible SVM-F series: SVM-F40P (40 sheets of photo paper and cartridge), and SVM-F120P (120 sheets of photo paper and cartridges).
* The DPP-F700 digital photo frame-printer will be available for about $200 in January and can be purchased online at, at Sony Style® retail stores and at authorized dealers nationwide.

Amazon Deals

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