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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bamboo: A Touch of Excitement from Wacom

Introducing the new Bamboo line of tablets. Five in all. With striking looks and sleek designs, they're easy on the eyes and even easier to use.

New to Bamboo is the addition of Multi-Touch input. Now you can add Multi-Touch to just about any computer, so you can navigate, scroll and work with the same gestures you use on your mobile device or laptop trackpad, only with lots more space to maneuver.

As always, you can use Wacom's world-renowned pen for retouching and editing your digital photos, or digitally painting, drawing or sketching. The pen is also a great way to personalize, mark up, annotate and collaborate in your documents and presentations.

Choose the Bamboo that's right for you: Bamboo Pen and Touch, Bamboo Touch, Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Fun or Bamboo Craft.

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