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Monday, October 12, 2009

"COLOR ME IMPRESSED" Review of the Epson 3880

PDN's Dan Havlik takes a look at the long awaited 3880 desk-top 17" printer from Epson. This is the last in their "pro" line to be upgraded to the new Vivid K3 Ink set to produce more rich reds and other colors. In addition they added a ink-resistant print head to help reduce clogging and as like its predecessor it features auto-swap black inks.

The black-ink swap is still not perfect as it still has to purge some ink, however it is FAR better than that of the larger printers cart-swap system that ends up wasting upwards of $50+.
The new printer handles color and black and white well (I won't give away the ending) it also handles a verity of media (except roll paper) If you remember back in September we came out with the 2880 review here and mentioned in it the arrival of the 3880 for those on a space-budget as a viable option if it produced similar results. You will have to conclude for yourself if this is the case but in my overall opinion I would buy the 3880 now as its relatively only a few $$ more than the 2880 and does 17" wide prints.

Continue to the review at PND HERE

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