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Sunday, October 18, 2009

FlashPipe software just released by ddisoftware

If you've ever wished for a simpler way to get photos and videos from the flash cards used by your digital camera and camcorder, please read on. If you try our software and like what you see, please help us spread the word by linking to us and sharing your experiences in online forums.

ddisoftware, Inc., creator of Qimage photo printing software,is proud to introduce a brand new indispensable tool for your digital photography toolbox! FlashPipe, a highly capable and user configurable flash card file transfer program, has just been released. We've done our homework and have designed FlashPipe to be more than just a data "piping" application. The days of copying/pasting files from explorer windows are over, but that's just scratching the surface of what FlashPipe can do. Now you can copy/move your photos and videos to different locations, multiple locations, even
across a network to multiple computers! Need to move your photos to one location and videos to another? Need to copy files to a main folder, a backup, and two networked computers? Not a problem with FlashPipe.

FlashPipe's "one click and done" motto will take the pain out of getting your pictures and videos off your camera's flash cards! FlashPipe even develops all raw photos automatically and places the developed photos in a "Developed" subfolder in
each destination location! All with just one click of the "Go" button. Once you've identified the operations you would like to perform (copy/move, and selected destinations), it's as easy as inserting your flash card into your computer and
clicking the "Go" button when FlashPipe's window automatically opens! Visit the web site and download the 7 day trial today.

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