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Sunday, October 25, 2009

'it's not pink" As Seen at PPE

By Mel B. for P3n&r
National Geographic, known for their rugged safari looking bags, has gone urban chic. The Walkabout Tote is an oversized tote serves a double life as a carry-all and a camera bag.  The camera bag part  comes in the form of a padded, zippered insert to hold the camera and some accessories.  The bag itself is zippered and padded as well so lenses in cases or pouches would probably do well just in the bag.  The bag is large and roomy for anything you may want to drag along on your day about town and there additional pockets on the outside for smaller items.  The tote retails for $98 and comes in a classy charcoal grey with black leather accents.
National Geographic Walkabout Tote Bag

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