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Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Elliott Landy book celebrates 40th Anniversary of Woodstock.

Woodstock, IL September 30, 2009 Elliott Landy, official photographer for the original Woodstock Music Festival, has just released a magnificent new, 224-page, hardcover edition of Woodstock Vision-The Spirit Of A Generation featuring 300 of his classic rock images from the late sixties. Many of these images are also available from the artist, as signed Fine Art prints.

More than any other photographer, Elliott Landy helped define the Woodstock Era with his intimate photographs of the greatest music legends of the time in concert, backstage and in their homes. This new collection of his work features famous photographs of Bob Dylan (Nashville Skyline), The Band (Music From Big Pink) and Van Morrison (Moondance) as well as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and many other greats. It also includes photo-journalistic images of sixties peace demonstrations and a series of offbeat, humorous celebrity photographs.

Woodstock Vision-The Spirit Of A Generation includes a special 90-page section of original Woodstock Festival photographs, dedicated to preserving the true vision and spirituality of the event in celebration of its 40th Anniversary. It also contains first- hand accounts from the producers, builders, hippies and "straights" at the event, who provide unique insight into the trials, tribulations and sheer joy of being there.

"I love photography" states Landy in the new edition's Dedication "it has taken me to places I wanted to go, helped me meet some of the people I wanted to meet, and allowed me to share with others some of my deepest experiences.I was lucky. In the early days of my career I chose to photograph people and events that came to be socially and culturally significant. But, when I was photographing Jim Morrison at the Hunter College Auditorium, or Janis Joplin at the Anderson Theater on New York's Lower East Side, neither event had, then or now, any meaning for me beyond my momentary love of the music they were creating and the way they looked creating it."

The new book, as well as signed, Fine Art Prints of Elliott's classic images, can be ordered online at www.Landyvision.c om. His beautiful Archival Pigment Prints are made on Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Baryta inkjet paper "I am totally in love with the FineArt Baryta and use it for nearly all my digital black & white prints. They look indistinguishable from the silver-gelatin prints and some are even better!"

Elliott Landy, born in 1942, began photographing the anti-Vietnam war movement and the underground rock music culture in New York City in 1967. His images of Bob Dylan, The Band, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Joan Baez, Van Morrison, Richie Havens and many others documented the music scene during that classic period, culminating with the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival.

After that he moved on to other inspirations and art forms which included photographing his own children and travels, creating impressionist flower photographs and experimenting with motion and kaleidoscopic techniques in both still and cinematic formats.

Elliott has authored six photographic books and his prints have been exhibited in major museums and galleries throughout the world. His images have also graced the covers of many major magazines including Life, The Saturday Evening Post and Rolling Stone as well as several collectable record albums, most notably, Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline and The Band's Music From Big Pink.

For more information on the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt collection visit www.hahne To see more of Elliott Landy's work, order Fine Art prints, or purchase Woodstock Vision-The Spirit Of A Generation, visit www.Landyvision.c om.

The Hahnemühle paper mill has been producing quality artist's papers for over 420 years. Since its founding in 1584 they have developed experience and a tradition of excellence in art materials that is now been brought to the digital age, and fine art Inkjet printing. The German based company whose headquarters are in Dassel, has 150 employees worldwide.

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