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Friday, October 2, 2009

New Sigma DP1s

The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the new Sigma DP1s compact digital camera featuring a 14 megapixel FOVEON X3® direct image sensor (2,652× 1,768× 3 layers). The new Sigma DP1s is an improved version of the DP1 which was introduced to market in March 2008.
It is now possible to allocate the QS (Quick Set) function, which has been adopted by the DP2 and SD14 DSLR, to the digital zoom buttons of the DP1s. This provides faster and more convenient operation of the camera. The DP1s is enhanced further by improved performance when shooting backlit subjects, aiding the cameras characteristics of superb resolution and richly graduated tones with a natural, three-dimensional feel.
There are many dedicated accessories available for the DP1s such as the VIEW FINDER VF-11, HOOD ADAPTER HA-11 and ELECTRONIC FLASH EF-140 DG.

In a statment from Statement from Mark Amir-Hamzeh, general manager, Sigma Corporation of America, he go's on to talk about the new DP1s camera:

"Earlier today, Sigma Corporation announced the newest addition to the DP family, the Sigma DP1s. The Sigma DP1s is an improved version of the Sigma DP1, and both cameras contain a the same processor, 14-megapixel FOVEON X3 direct image sensor and lens with a focal length of 16.6mm F4 (35mm equivalent focal length is 28mm).

The new Sigma DP1s features enhancements to its user interface that mimic that of the DP2 and will provide photographers with improved user capabilities. The DP1s also offers enhanced performance when shooting backlit subjects to further enrich the images it captures with superb resolution and richly graduated tones with a life-like, three-dimensional feel. Contrary to some reports, while the DP1s – like all DP cameras – can shoot separate RAW and JPEG files, it cannot shoot RAW and JPEG simultaneously.

“The DP1s is the latest addition to our DP line of high-definition, compact digital cameras. It will provide DP1 enthusiasts with the same narrow lens that they have come to know and love, but the user experience will be enhanced with more exceptional image quality in backlit situations and with an easier user interface, which now incorporates the Quick Set (QS) function,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, general manager of Sigma Corporation of America. “We expect the DP1s to be available for purchase by the end of October. We look forward to sharing more information as soon as we know more about this camera’s availability and pricing.”"

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