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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review - thinkTANK photo Hydrophobia™ 300 - 600 Long term update

by Brendan Cavanaugh
Simply perfect. I cannot say it better. This product has been protecting my 300mm F2.8 (sometimes with a teliconverter) and camera for over a year now and I am constantly asked by fellow sports-shooters on the field how I like it. Its great and the price is a fraction of the previous only other “real” option past a trash-bag.

If I ever get/rent something longer like a 600mm I can add the Velcro-on extension that comes with it to make it longer. I have also used it with a 400 F2.8 and it worked fine.
The price, design, construction, material and product support cannot be beat. thinkTANK has really thought this product threw, and it shows.

One of the other great things is its on-lens storage capability. It is built to be able to store it on your lens (hood) until you need it. It tucks inside a nice elastic-banded/draw-cord while it is mounted/attached to the lens. I have used this many times as rain may be threatening or the sun has come out after a cloud burst. This on-lens means of storage further shows the thought that went into this product.

I just hope they come out with something for the sub 200mm F2.8 range (probably an intermediate size for the 200mm crowd, and a real short one for a 70mm (28-70mm) or less lens.
For Remote camera use check out their Remote Control 10 and 20 models (no viewfinder/control access when “closed”

Official Site for Hydrophobia™ HERE
Great debate on SportsShooter about this vs. the Aqua tech

by Brendan Cavanaugh for P3N&R
Images from thinkTank

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