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Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Spyder3Studio SR and Spyder3Print SR

We announced our new Spyder3Studio SR and Spyder3Print SR

products at PhotoPlus Expo last month. The new Spyder3Print SR is our newest printer profiling device which is now a strip reading device. This means no more clicking on every patch to get perfect prints! The new Strip Reading spectrocolorimeter was designed to help photographers create and produce professional prints quickly, accurately and without expensive trial-and-error testing. This standalone Spyder3Print SR (Strip Reader) has all new software for an exceptional easy user experience and will ship in November.

Our new complete color management studio, Spyder3Studio SR comes with the new strip reader and software plus our SpyderCube for RAW calibration and our award winning monitor calibration product, Spyder3Elite. This package gives you all the tools you need for great color from shoot, to edit to print. Check out our video tour of the product with pro photographer, Frank Veronsky (On Location & In Studio with Spyder3Studio SR).

What is the SpyderCube, you say?? We asked people on the street, and some of the responses were pretty funny.

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