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Monday, October 5, 2009

Canon will be at Photokina 2010

After the past few weeks of reports and speculation about Canon and their decision not to attend the largest photo show in north America in 2010 (PMA) read our stories HERE and HERE. Photo District News (PDN) has found out that the top camera manufacture in sales will be attending Photokina (the largest single photo show in the world occurring once every 2 years) Canon Europe announced that despite the lack of the USA division at PMA in 2010 they will be in Colgone Germany next fall.

Link to PDN page HERE

Need a cheep fast 85mm lens?

Ari Aikomus over on forums has written another one of his "poor-mans" articles on lenses. Today he features the photographers quest for a fast cheep 85mm lens.
He finds a great manual-focus contender for K-mount users, the Jupiter-9 has a cult-esk following among some and is renowned for its great bokeh (out of focus area texture/look) due to its amazing 15 bladed aperture forming an almost perfect circle. And for $70-130 on ebay the price cannot be beat
To read on Click HERE

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