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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Three-Light Portrait with Portable Flashes

"A lesson produced by Web Photo School
In this lesson we will look at producing a simple three light portrait with portable flash units. These flash units are designed to be used on camera and are usually dedicated to specific camera brands. When used in this way, portable flashes are extremely versatile lighting accessories, which give the photographer many features including TTL flash metering. In the studio, these same flash units can be used in place of expensive studio strobe setups and with amazing results! The following lesson will guide you through using three portable flash units with Photoflex soft boxes and light stands to create a classically lit portrait."

FlashPipe software just released by ddisoftware

If you've ever wished for a simpler way to get photos and videos from the flash cards used by your digital camera and camcorder, please read on. If you try our software and like what you see, please help us spread the word by linking to us and sharing your experiences in online forums.

ddisoftware, Inc., creator of Qimage photo printing software,is proud to introduce a brand new indispensable tool for your digital photography toolbox! FlashPipe, a highly capable and user configurable flash card file transfer program, has just been released. We've done our homework and have designed FlashPipe to be more than just a data "piping" application. The days of copying/pasting files from explorer windows are over, but that's just scratching the surface of what FlashPipe can do. Now you can copy/move your photos and videos to different locations, multiple locations, even
across a network to multiple computers! Need to move your photos to one location and videos to another? Need to copy files to a main folder, a backup, and two networked computers? Not a problem with FlashPipe.

FlashPipe's "one click and done" motto will take the pain out of getting your pictures and videos off your camera's flash cards! FlashPipe even develops all raw photos automatically and places the developed photos in a "Developed" subfolder in
each destination location! All with just one click of the "Go" button. Once you've identified the operations you would like to perform (copy/move, and selected destinations), it's as easy as inserting your flash card into your computer and
clicking the "Go" button when FlashPipe's window automatically opens! Visit the web site and download the 7 day trial today.


15-Year Project Makes Public Debut at Calumet Photographic in New York City During PhotoPlus Expo

For 15 years, photographer Ted Kawalerski has viewed life from the inside looking out -- and sometimes from the outside looking in. In either case, it represents how we see much of our lives with one exception -- Kawalerski captured much of it with his camera. Experiencing life from the inside of his car, house, studio, airplanes, and client board rooms, Kawalerski has created a body of work that reminds us of how often we become isolated from the world around us. A witness instead of participant, if you will. For the first time since he began capturing life through a variety of portals, or windows, Kawalerski's unique series of photographs will be exhibited at Calumet Photographic in New York City from October 21 through December 31st. An artist's reception will coincide with the exhibit's opening on Wednesday, October 21st from 6:00 p.m. -- 9:00 p.m. Calumet Photographic is located at 22 West 22nd Street in New York City.

From Shanghai to SoHo and Miami to Milan, Kawalerski uses color, motion, and an intuitive look at everyday life from a spectator's perspective to create a body of work that takes the mundane and transforms it to magnificent. Kawalerski credits the project's success with the right support and proper imaging tools.

"As with any profession, having the proper tools and support allows me to concentrate on what's in front of me," says Kawalerski, whose last project, The Hudson River: From Top to Bottom, was very well received. "My prints are made on Brilliant Museum SilverGloss Inkjet paper which renders my prints exactly as I saw the image in my camera. Monitor and print calibration was so critical when producing this exhibit and Datacolor's Spyder3Studio System performed flawlessly. For sharing," Kawalerski continued, "my new liveBooks website renders my images online in a way that puts my best foot forward and allows me to share my life's work with the world. In the end, it's all about tools and relationships that bring it all together," concluded Kawalerski.

"We are very excited to host Ted's Windows exhibit in our New York retail space during the PhotoPlus Expo and through the balance of 2009," says Don Ernest, Vice President of Marketing, Calumet Photographic. "Understanding Ted's relentless quest for perfection, we are honored that he chose Calumet Photographic to provide him with the equipment, supplies and support to produce this important body of work."

"We are proud to support Ted's Windows exhibit and encourage anyone with an interest in photography to see this wonderful perspective on life," says Andy Patrick, President and CEO of liveBooks, Inc. "We are also pleased to welcome Ted as a liveBooks Ambassador where talent, dedication, and unique vision become an inspiration to us here at liveBooks and to others throughout the industry."

"Ted has an amazing eye for color and we are pleased that he places his trust in Datacolor to provide the proper calibration needed to produce this wonderful body of work," says Christoph Gamper, Vice President, Consumer Business Unit, Datacolor. "Proper calibration of monitors and printers is such an important part of today's digital workflow process and the quality of Ted's prints reflects the benefits."

About Ted Kawalerski

Ted Kawalerski is a New York based photographer, who has worked on assignments for corporations, graphic design firms and advertising agencies for over thirty years. He regularly travels worldwide for clients such as Bausch & Lomb, Chevron, Dominion Resources Services Inc., Fortune Brands, Harris Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutual Group, MasterCard, Medco, Praxair, New York Life The Hartford, United Technologies Corporation and Xerox. Ted devotes a considerable amount of time to personal work. Within the past two years, he has had two major shows of black and white photographs that feature portraits and landscapes along the entire Hudson River: Top To Bottom -- The Hudson River. His current project, Windows, is a collection of color images that he has made over a period of approximately fifteen years. This work is about compositions that involve windows as frames, dramatic backgrounds and reflections.

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