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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brendan Reporting @ PPE

Brendan with his photo/video pentax k7 rig with mic and LitePanels Micro Pro light. (photo by Mike A.)

Black Rapid live from ppe

New RS7 accepts whole new line of "MODS" litte pouches and lens bags that attach to the strap.

Live from ppe w/@ Hoodman

New hoods for lcd's viewfinders and laptops

Lacie @ ppe Live!

New Stark HDD

PPE Live @ Sandisk

With a Bobcar based display tey showed off their cards and featured the new Extreme Pro 600x cf cards

Live at ppe w/ Nissin

New Di866 flash with first full color rotating mee display $289

PhotoPlus Expo (it's not pink!)

by Mel B. for P3n&r

There was plenty to see at this year's Photoplus Expo.  Besides the usually assortment of new technology introduced (and soon to be released) the accessories market is flowering in new and exciting products that change the way we carry our photography gear.  Included in this year's offerings were products that are very friendly to or designed specifically for female shooters.  More to come soon.

Live @ pe w/ SteadePod

Old dog new tricks, the Steadepod combines the flexibility of a monpod type device and the ease of use of the old roap trick. $30msrp

Live w/ Data Robics: Drobo Pro!

Drobo Pro 8-hdd tota 256tb max capacity and desktop or rack mount interface. Start at $1499 (unit only) up to $3499 w/ 16tb

Live@ ppe with Lensbaby

New products at show include a fisheye and soft focus lenses that will fit in the composer lens system

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