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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Live from ppe 2010

This concludes our live coverage from the show stay tuned for more as we will continue to post more video from the show in the next coming days

Live with trek tech

New tripod leg adapter turns the system into a true tripod 4 low level shooting and heavy cameras

Live with Western Digital

New western digital mybook live with gigabit ethernet and wdtv live hub

Live with Athentech: Perfectly Clear

Perfectly clear image correction. New version 1.5 along with an app for the apple ipad. And phone.

Live with PogoPlug

Your own personal clown file management system. You supply your own usb hard drives the pogoplug than connects to your internet connection and you can share files with anybody!

Live coverage continues

More today coming soon

PDN Photo Plus Expo VIDEO: Pentax 645D

We get Hands On with the New 645D before it hits store shelves!

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