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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New BlackRapid Photo Contest

Editors Note: this may not be the best titled contest, but possible the funniest ever but with $1000 prize and rapidstraps its worth a look

"GET YOUR STRAP ON" Photo Contest

Enter your best photos of your R-Strap for a chance to win $1,000!  That’s right, we’re holding a contest for the best lifestyle image of our R-Straps in action.
Here’s what we’re looking for in the image entries:
>>Any of our BlackRapid R-Straps on a person (preferably a photographer, like yourself maybe)
>>That person using the R-Strap (product) in action (real life scenarios/ outrageous/ exciting/ crazy/ totally a plus!!)
Submit your shots HERE.  Contest ends at midnight on April 17th.

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