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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Olympus-Japan Earthquake Update

March 16, 2011
Support to Areas Affected by Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake

We wish to offer our sincere sympathy to those affected by the earthquake centered off the Sanriku Coast in the Tohoku region.

In addition to a monetary donation to assist victims of the earthquake, the Olympus Group will also donate equipment for use in disaster recovery efforts.

We pray that the recovery process in the disaster area will proceed as swiftly as possible.
Support Measures
Monetary donation : ¥100 million
Rescue equipment : Industrial videoscopes and non-destructive testing equipment (planned)

Supplementary Information

Industrial videoscopes are used in maintenance activities for a variety of equipment and facilities, including aircraft engines, industrial plants, and pipes in commercial buildings and condominiums. These devices can be used to assist in the location of survivors inside collapsed buildings, since they can be inserted into narrow spaces to observe interior spaces as clearly as when viewed with the naked eye.

Non-destructive testing devices measure the thickness of objects and identify the locations and extent of defects by directing ultrasonic waves onto targets and measuring the time required for the waves to return. They can be used to check the safety of buildings, bridges and other structures by detecting internal damage.
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