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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Olympus products associated with the northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake (medical, industrial products) inquiries, workmanship, etc.

Translated using Google, Original HERE

  Than patronage, patronize you for Olympus products, Thank you.
  Our products and services for business impact caused by the earthquake off the northeastern Pacific Ocean this time, the guide below.
  1. For customer service call center to
    northeastern Pacific Ocean affected by the earthquake this time, making it difficult to lead a call our Customer Support Center listed below.
      I am sorry to have troubled you Okakeitashimashi customers in a hurry, contact us so thank you to our nearest branch office.

    ・ (0120) 41-7149 Endoscopy Olympus - Customer Support Center: (0120) 41-7149
    ・(0120) 58-0414 Olympus microscope - Customer Support Center: (0120) 58-0414

    The planned outage (blackout rotation) due to some time zone may also put a call our offices 
  2.   Delivery delay for the repair and shipping
    take delivery of your repair we have entrusted with us, it is assumed that the time for my appointment time due to the earthquake.

    contact us for endoscopic repair service
  3. Techno microscopes for classroom labs involved in the cancellation of upcoming events: Department of polarized light microscopy is to be held on March 15 will be discontinued.
  4. Orinpasutekunorabo (Showroom microscope)
    Orinpasutekunorabo on sales (showroom microscope) will be closed for the time being.
      For resume, we will guide you at this page again.
  I am sorry for your inconvenience to Makoto 掛Keshi you, thank you look forward for your understanding.

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