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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pentax Changes Release Date of the Optio S1

Below is the Google Translate translation of the press release appearing on the Japanese edition of the Pentax website announcing the change in release date for the Optio S1. This change is due the multiple disasters that have affected Japan. The original Japanese language release can be found here:

Compact] [PENTAX Optio S1
Notice of Date Change
This time, HOYA Corporation PENTAX Imaging Systems Division, compact new products "PENTAX Optio S1" is now pleased to announce that we'll change the release date of April 1.
Customers and other reservations have already gotten to everyone who has multiplied officials inconvenience you, thank you look forward for your understanding. The release date will be changed as well as related accessories Orimashita No obligatio scheduled for release at the same time.

PENTAX Optio S1 brand name on April 1, 2011 after the release date change (originally scheduled for March 26, 2011) earthquake caused by the reason for the change this time because of imports of goods and the delivery delay

Contact us about this, thank you to the following
[Contact Us] Pentax Customer Service Center TEL. 0570-001313

Please note: The information listed here is information on the release date. As I can see, they may have information changes without prior notice Please note.

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