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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tablet Review Roundup iPad2 vs Xoom

Ok, so you want to slim down your bag and dumping 3-8lbs from a laptop is about the only thing your willing to part with (Hint you don't always need that 600 F4 either) So your looking into those new snazzy tablet things that Apple and Motorola have (sorry these are the 2 current leaders, others are running older tech and you just shouldn't bother if you want to do anything other than web surfing)
So here's a roundup of a few reviews from around the net on the popular 2

iPad 2
Review at Dpreview  (Best photographer-centric review to date)
Review at PCMag

Motorola Xoom
Review at PCMag
Review at Engadget

If you must know about other tablets and how they just dont stack up to these 2, here you go

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