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Sunday, April 10, 2011

New USB3 Card Reader from Delkin

Memory Card Reader Moves Files Twelve Times Faster with Universal Compatibility across Brands & Formats

Poway, CA. April 7th, 2011 - Delkin Devices, a technology manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in innovative digital design, today announced their highly anticipated USB 3.0 Universal Memory Card Reader boasting transfer speeds over 12 times that of current USB 2.0 readers.  Since USB 3.0 technology was publicly announced in November of 2008, computer and accessory manufacturers have been slow to incorporate the new format despite its impressive 5Mbps data transfer speed capability.  The first USB 3.0 equipped devices began to appear in the market in January of 2010 with very little portable accessory availability even into the beginning of 2011.

"Our customers are primarily photographers, videographers and early adopters of technology," explains Marketing Manager, Anna Lopez.  "While we're not seeing USB 3.0 in every new computer sale just yet, our unique market is hungry for the increased speeds that will enable the transferring of large HD and 3D video files and RAW image files without the lag that they experience with USB 2.0 technology."
The new USB 3.0 Universal Memory Card Reader boasts transfer speeds up to 5Gb/s with actual speeds approximated around 3.2 Gb/s, or 400 MB/s; over twelve times faster than the 33MB/s actual transfer speeds obtained with USB 2.0 devices.  Five memory card slots enable universal compatibility across dozens of flash card formats including UDMA enabled CompactFlash cards, SDXC enabled Secure Digital cards and brand specific memory cards such as Memory Stick and xD.
CEO Martin wood explains, "The combination of a universal non-proprietary design and unprecedented speed make this an attractive accessory that significantly improves workflow for someone who regularly transfers data from memory card to computer.  With the resolution of a digital camera over 10 megapixels now and video cameras shooting high definition 1080p video, people are creating larger files and utilizing higher capacity memory cards.  When it comes time to move the data on those cards to a computer, our new USB 3.0 Reader can save hours of time that would normally be spent waiting for files to move from one device to another."
Users who plan on upgrading a desktop, laptop, netbook or tablet PC in the future can utilize the new reader in current USB 2.0 and 1.1 device ports with seamless backward compatibility; however transfer speeds will be reduced to the highest rate capable of the device port.  Driver free design allows for simple plug and play operation in Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME and 2000 Operating Systems as well as Mac OS9.0 and later.  Like all Delkin products, the new USB 3.0 Universal Memory Card Reader is backed by Delkin's San Diego based Technical Support team as well as an industry leading five year manufacturer's warranty.  The first readers are due to ship direct from the San Diego manufacturing facility on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 and will be available at photography and videography retailers worldwide for a retail price of $39.99.
About Delkin Devices, Inc.
Delkin Devices, Inc. national headquarters is in Poway, California with an International branch in Birmingham, England.  Since 1986, Delkin Devices has been inventing, designing, and delivering innovative new products aimed at "Making Photography Better."  From consumer based products such as memory cards, readers and batteries to professional products such as the SensorScope System®, ImageRouter® and Archival Gold®, Delkin has delivered premium quality, innovative designs, and an ongoing dedication to superior customer support.  Delkin Devices and its products have become industry leaders in both industrial and consumer markets worldwide, and continues to be a leading choice among professional photographers and others passionate about digital photography. 

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