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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SIX ways to help you shoot smarter instead of harder from

It's week two of the NEW Shoot Smarter site and things keep getting better.
This week we have some new articles including updated monitor
recommendations, and our big highlight this week is the new Blog featuring Will Crockett. Read every update below this week and don't miss a thing, you'll thank us!

Here are SIX ways to help you shoot smarter instead of harder...

1. FridayPhotoSchool: New WebTV show with Rick Ferro:
   Our most popular WebTV presenter is back with a show
   that is getting rave reviews! Rick Ferro shows another
   great set of poses and lighting angles in this NEW WebTV show.
   Available NOW 24/7 as a Download or Replay.

2. NEW Crockettville Blog: Will Crockett shares his progress in
   turning an unused room in his house into a "PhotoPlace" to
   work on his personal photo images.  Each step of Will's process
   from wall color and inkjet printer choices, to room lighting and
   computer software is posted in a cool text and video blog post
   in the Crocketville blogspot inside
   Just click the big yellow Crockettville icon to see what he's up to.

3. smArticle: Smart Monitor Recommendations for Accurate Color
   from Will Crockett
   What monitor do you buy for the best screen-to-print match?
   Ready now on

4. smArticle: Beware the Scammer
   from Jon Yoshinaga
   Be aware of scammers out there. They can be easy to fall for.
   Ready now on

5. smArticle: Batch Action Success - 100% Guarantee
   from Suzette Allen
   How to make batch action really work for you and not get in the way.
   Ready now on

6. smArticle: Negotiations
   from Steve Thornton
   Think about your quotes and be prepared to meet in the middle.
   Ready now on

Thanks for shooting SMARTER Brendan,
From your fridayphotoschool and Team. and
2059 Albright Road
Montgomery, Illinois 60538
(630) 301 7712 and

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