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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Heliopan has just begun shipments of their new Vario ND filter in 82mm size. Like the 52 to 77mm sizes it is adjustable from 1 to
6.6 stops of ND (0.3 to 2.0 density) by simply rotating the calibrated rim of the filter. The Heliopan Vario ND filter is totally neutral
in color, it is mounted in a black anodized brass ring that is numerically calibrated for ease in repeating a desired density. The calibration
scale has an index for added convenience and the adjustable range is hard stopped at each end to save time in set-up and
use. The Heliopan Variable ND filter is very thin (8.7mm from the front edge to the front of the lens) to allow it to work on lenses as
wide as 16mm without color shifts, vignetting or artifacts common in other variable ND filters.
The new Vario ND filter is now available in screw-in sizes from 52 to 82mm. The new Heliopan Vario ND filters are available from
camera stores in the USA.

• High quality solid brass rings. • Black anodized rings with stops at both ends of the ND range. • ND variable from 1 to 6.6
stops (0.3 to 2.0 density). • Color neutral regardless of ND value. • Calibrated, repeatable settings. • Very thin mount to prevent
vignetting • No artifacts with wide angle lenses • Even density, across the frame • Numerically calibrated with index • 8.7mm
thickness from front of lens to front of filter • Can be stacked with new Heliopan High Transmission circular polarizer with no color
shifts or artifacts

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