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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pogo Sketch Pro - New Paintbrush-like Capacitive Stylus

 Masterpiece, Meet Your Maker – the Pogo Sketch Pro

Paintbrush-like capacitive stylus gives digital artists a more natural, professional and fun way to create their masterpieces on iPads and other compatible touchscreen devices
 Ten One Design, creators of the first capacitive touch-screen stylus for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, has announced its newest artistic tool – the Pogo Sketch Pro. This sleek paintbrush-like capacitive touchscreen stylus combines a natural, ergonomic grip, new patent pending Pro Tip technology and a balanced unibody aluminum handle to offer professionals and novice digital painters a new way to express themselves.

The advanced Pro Tip technology consists of patterned structures within the tip itself, which provides greater sensitivity while providing an even smaller tip diameter for superior precision. Machined from a single piece of purified aluminum, the solid construction provides a natural weight users will appreciate. Plus, the added rubber grip offers greater control and comfort during marathon drawing and painting sessions.

“The creativity the Ten One Design community possesses is just mind-blowing,” said Peter Skinner, CEO, Ten One Design. “We love to facilitate their artistic passions and encourage the unique work they create. The work they’ve done thus far with the original Pogo Sketch has been nothing short of amazing, so we’re eager to see what they can do with the Pogo Sketch Pro.”

Pick up the Pogo Sketch Pro for just $24.95 at For avid artists looking for a life-long painting companion, the Pogo Sketch Pro will have replaceable tips, available in October.

For more information on the Pogo Sketch Pro or Ten One Design’s line of mobile accessories, including high resolution images, contact PR representative Jenny Coleman at (305) 576-1171 x124 or

Ten One Design, LLC, is a New York-based design firm established in 2007 to create innovative solutions for and enhance the quality of the ever-changing mobile lifestyle. By striving to improve the status quo and develop groundbreaking products like the Pogo Stylus, the Ten One Design brand is dedicated to being first and best. For more information about Ten One Design, please visit

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