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Saturday, October 15, 2011

6Sight Reveals the Future of Mobile Imaging at its Summit in Sweden by Answering the Top 10 Questions

Mobile imaging decision makers from around the world will gather in Sweden at the Malmo Hilton on November 15-17 to answer the 10 questions most vital to the future of mobile imaging. Since 2002 6Sight has been the only executive conference that brings mobile imaging leaders together to address issues that are affecting the future success of this ecosystem.

Today we are at a crossroads in the short and turbulent history of camera phones. At long last we have the answered the question Is the quality good enough? but now we have a bigger question to address How can the next generation of camera-phones be better and make money for the ecosystem in the process? As always, 6Sight will tackle this question head on and provide some real-world answers for our participants.

The conference sessions will answer these questions:

  1. What exciting innovations will the next generation of camera-phones bring to market?
  2. How will mobile operating systems improve their support for the next generation of mobile imaging devices?
  3. What will be done to improve the speed and quality of image processing in mobile devices?
  4. Will the optics in the phones ever achieve the quality of consumer-level cameras?
  5. How will mobile operators meet the challenges of massive amounts of image video traffic?
  6. When will augmented reality play a significant role in mobile imaging and who will benefit?
  7. How does the ecosystem make money from mobile imaging apps?
  8. What current and future business models take advantage of the Social Imaging tsunami?
  9. What new technologies will transform mobile imaging in the next few years?
What do analysts predict about the rapidly expanding and consolidating mobile imaging industry?

If mobile imaging is part of your product mix, then you need to participate in the 6Sight Mobile Imaging Summit in Malmo on November 15-17. If not, the 11th question may well be What ever happened to ...?

For more information on the program visit HERE. Click HERE to register and be transported to the future of mobile imaging.

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