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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Olympus in Trouble?

Its hard to say exactly what they did, but they threw up red flags big time over the past few days as many organisations are reporting Financial scandal, government issues, even one talking about takeovers of the company. This on the heels of news than many of its other non photography related adventures are not doing so hot and that the company's photo division was close behind in loosing profit's.
Its sad to report honestly as this could be spelling bad news for the company, hope all pans out and we don't loose another photographic manufacture.
Links to various articles:

Bloomberg : Olympus Scandal Spurs Speculation Via Margin Accounts
WSJ: Olympus Scandal Blurs Positive Imaging Business 
The Telegraph: Olympus scandal: KPMG quit over Gyrus accounts
The Economic Times : Ex-Wall Street banker identified as key figure in Olympus scandal
Reuters: Newsmaker: The "emperor" of Olympus, protector no longer

(PS a great review coming soon on a Olymous Pen Camera!)

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