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Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Fuji Mirrorless X-S1

According to DC Watch Fuji announced durring the press event for the X10 in Tokyo a new Mirrorless system to come out Spring of 2012. It is to be a SLR-Like body (minus the mirror) and to be the interchangeable lens complement to the new X-series line up that includes the X100 and X10
FujiFilm president and CEO Shigetaka Komori also said it will create system using interchangeable lenses  with a camera built "around a larger sensor" with "resolution and low noise (that) will surpass the 35mm full size sensor."
Quote from DCWatch site: "In addition, in the spring of 2012 "to bring the finest SLR mirror-less system"

More pictures can be found here: DC.Watch and (both translated via google) and Dpreview

Sorry for the delay everyone but it got lost in the iPhone scramble last week

According to Twitter from Canadian FujiFilm Reps account "@fujiguys" have added:
"X Series family: X100, X10, X100, XS-1, & Interchangeable Camera System. More info at CES 2012" 
'Fujifilm X Series Interchangeable lens system not = M4/3 nor current mirrorless cams. X series will be "premium" cameras!.'

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