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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kata's D-Light LightPic Shoulder Bags Offer a Stylish Carry

At PDN's Photo Plus Expo, Kata (Manfrotto) introduced a yet-to-be-released bag aimed at photographers of the more feminine persuasion. For all appearances it looks like a mid-sized tote or purse but features a camera insert. The insert increases in size along with the bag.

Removal of the insert renders the bag an everyday tote or purse. External pockets on the ends helps organize smaller items. With the classy circular adjustment and the K-A-T-A with spiral logo dangly ornament the bag adds a touch of class, yet function to the photographer wanting or needing a more upgraded look. The LightPic is slated to become available at the end of the month. See for a complete list of Kata products and availability.

From the Press Release:The LightPic is a stylish, functional, lightweight shoulder bag designed to carry camera gear and everyday personal effects. This line is designed for the female photographer who is looking for a flexible bag that can be carried differently depending on the situation. The LightPic can be used as a standard shoulder bag, messenger bag or light a pocket-book. With a simple twist of a unique circular buckle, the strap can be quickly lengthened or shortened per the desire of the photographer. Equipped with a padded insert, the LightPic Shoulder bag is capable of fitting a DSLR and accessories as well as a camcorder with accessories. There are three D-Light LightPic Shoulder Bag models.

Stay tuned for a further, in-depth review of the bag itself in time for holiday gifting!

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