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Friday, December 30, 2011


December 29, 2011, Commack, NY - "Beyond the Kit Lens" is a series of seminars that will offer attendees a new perspective on photography. Under the instruction of professional photographers, André Costantini & Ken Hubbard, the 2-day seminar is designed to inspire the beginner to enthusiast photographers to make great images by understanding the choices that can be made when shooting. By dissecting a scenario, the instructors will explain how the camera works and how to improve images. Topics that will be discussed include lens choice, focal length, distance to your subject, aperture and shutter speed.

The 2-day event begins with a Meet & Greet followed by a 3 hour-long seminar. The following day, attendees are encouraged to participate in a 45-minute small group session with the instructors for Q and A and discussion. Seating for each seminar is limited and reservation is required. The cost of the seminar is only $59. Payment and time selection for the 2nd day group session is due at the time of the reservation. For more information on Beyond the Kit Lens, please visit

Tamron USA recently launched the "Beyond the Kit Lens: Tamron Ten-Minute Lens Lesson" video on the TamronVids YouTube channel. Tamron Field Technician and expert, Rob Moody explains the advantages of 5 major types of lenses. This is just one of the many topics that will be presented at the Beyond the Kit Lens event. The video can be accessed at

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NEW iSesamo Flexible Steel Pry Tool for Opening Electronics

Newer Technology Announces iSesamo Flexible Steel Pry Tool for Opening Apple
iPods, iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys and Other Devices

Must-Have Tool for Repair Technicians and 'DIYers' Fits Easily Into Microscopic
Flexible Rubber Handle Offers Maximum Grip and Precision Handling

December 28, 2011, Woodstock, IL -- Newer Technology, Inc. (NewerTech®),
the leading developer of PC, Macintosh®, iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad® performance
upgrades and accessories, today announced the iSesamo®, an ultra-thin pry tool
for opening common electronic devices such as iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Blackberrys.

Flexible Design for Multiple Uses
The Newer Technology iSesamo is a must-have tool for repair technicians and 'DIYers'.
It features a thin, flexible steel blade that easily slides into microscopic
seams of the most common electronic devices. Whether replacing a battery, a display
LCD, touch screen, or internal components, iSesamo makes accessing electronic
devices quick and simple.

LIVE Coverage of PMA and CES 2011

LIVE Coverage FROM THE SHOW starts Sunday January 8th with CES/PMA Press Preview. We will try to bring you the best coverage of the combination event that we can. If there is something you, our reader are interested please leave a comment and we will try to get the latest info on it! With it being a split-location show we will be running around like a chicken with no head but regardless we promise to bring you quality Coverage from the show floor and in depth looks after we get back!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Try to Photograph Santa tonight!

Track his position, set up your rigs, old school, high-tech, whatever you have get it ready because here comes Santa Clause!    If you get a genuine photo of him in flight email us and we'll make you famous and send you a prize! Otherwise just have fun with the kids and enjoy the evening and Christmas day.

 Merry Christmas from all us here at P3 N&R, and Happy Holidays for all other celebrations during this time of year! Look for some tips for New Years fireworks coming soon and than speed up to LIVE  CES coverage starting Jan 8th!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express 6G SSD For 2010-2011 Apple MacBook Air Named Visionary Products Awards Finalist At Storage Visions Conference

December 21, 2011 Woodstock, IL -- Other World Computing (OWC®),
a leading zero emissions Mac® and PC technology company, announced today that its Mercury Aura® Pro Express 6G SSD was named a finalist in the Consumer Storage Device category of the Storage Visions 2012 Visionary Products Awards program.
The awards program, being held January 8, 2012, at the 11th annual Storage Visions™ Conference at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada,
recognizes companies advancing the state of the art in storage technologies utilized in consumer electronics, the media and entertainment industries, and visionary
products for the digital content value chain.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hands-On with the Lowpro Photo Sport 200 AW, Part One

The Lowpro Photo Sport 200 AW has been around for a little while and demonstrated online in various active uses. The features of this line are many and demonstrated widely. There is no question that it is a  fantastic, feature-packed, well-built bag designed for the active shooter. What has not been widely addressed, however, is the cross-gender applicability. Men are not the only ones who mountain bike, trail run, ski, snowboard, hike, and rock climb. And shoot while doing them. Women do as well.
Men and women may be equal in many things but lets face it. We are built differently. When a camera bag is required to achieve a particular "fit" for maximum effectivenes, it is best to take these, um, differences in mind.

When initially trying on this backpack, it was quickly apparent that it may not have been thoroughly tested on women. At least not smaller women. The sternun strap that connects the two shoulder straps is woefully (and embarassingly) misplaced. It needs to be higher or lower. The height of it is adjustable somewhat but if it is moved down to a (ahem) more comfortable level, the strap is just a tad to short to be easily buckled except on the skinniest of users. And I am not a large person trying to do this. If the strap is adjusted to the maximum upper position, it was also at its maximum (ahem) "discomfort" position.

This problem could have been completely avoided if they had either A) made the strap holding the buckle just a little longer, or B) made the slider bands on the shoulder straps extend just a little higher.

Looking at the curvature of the shoulder straps for a moment, would it have been possible to have extended this up more? Most likely. There appears to be enough room to take that strap up at least another inch, maybe even up to 1.5 inches before getting too close to the edge of the shoulder strap. 

Friday, December 16, 2011


(Revised Dec 15, 2011)  Innovative lens is lightweight, compact, and features a striking new form factor with two color options to suit the Sony mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera series design.

For Sony mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera series
December 8, 2011, Commack, New York ― Tamron Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of optical equipment, announced the introduction of an exciting new lens, the 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III[1] VC (Model B011).  The new high-power all-in-one zoom lens is designed for the Sony mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera series. Tamron, the zoom lens pioneer, brings 19 years of high-power zoom lens development technologies to this new product. The lens will begin shipping in the U.S. December 15, 2011.

With the 18-200mm Di III VC (Model B011), Tamron has created a high-power all-in-one zoom lens that is compact and lightweight, featuring a 62mm filter and weighing only 16.2 oz., while at the same time delivering superlative image quality. This compact size lets users easily shoot across an extended range - from wide-angle to full telephoto - with just one lens.  The focal length coverage is 18-200mm. Converted to the coverage of the 35mm format, this is equivalent to a range of 27mm wide-angle up to 300mm full telephoto[2]. This allows the user to easily take wide-angle shots of expansive landscapes and powerful telephoto images that enlarge the details of distant subjects—all with one lens. In addition, by setting the lens at the telephoto end (200mm) and moving in to the minimum focus distance of 19.6", flower petals, jewelry and other small objects can be shot as expanded close-ups. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Olympus’ First Micro Four Thirds Lens with an Electronic Zoom is Quiet, Versatile and Designed to Deliver a Range of Imagesin a Compact, Dust- and Splashproof Body

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., December 14, 2011 –Olympus adds to its powerfully simple and growing PEN family with the first fully-compatible interchangeable Micro Four Thirds lens to incorporate an electronic motorized zoom. TheM.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ (35mm equivalent 24–100mm)delivers smooth, quiet zooming thatgives you versatility, portability and maximizes the performance of the Olympus PEN® compact system cameras.

The sophisticated new lenshas a zoom ratio of approximately 4.2x, allowing photographers to capture anything from detailed, wide-angle group shots to medium telephoto-range images so you can get up close and personal for intimate portraits of children and pets – even indoors. The photographer can control the zooming speed by turning the barrel – slowly for drama, quickly for performance, or at an intermediate rate. Manual zooming isalso available for those looking to take full control.

In macro mode, which can be set by pushing the zoom ring forward while depressing the macro button on the side of the lens, focusing is possible between 8 and 20 inches for close-up shooting with a maximum image magnification of 0.72X (35mm camera equivalent).The L-Fn (Lens Function) button suspends the autofocusing operation temporarily to avoid unintended focusing on obstacles that appear suddenly between the camera and the subject.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Carl Zeiss Photo Contest

The global Carl Zeiss Photo Contest starts again on December 15. This year, photographers are invited to show us how they speak, see and capture "Every moment tells a story". The contest is open to anyone using ZEISS lenses. Again, it will be possible to follow the contest on the Flickr photo community. Photos can be submitted until January 15, 2012.

To participate, photographers load their best photo under the theme "Every moment tells a story" to the
OFFICIAL Carl Zeiss Lenses Group on Flickr and tag it with "ZEISSContest2011". Following a preliminary selection by a jury, the best photos will be presented in a Flickr gallery where anyone with a Flickr account will be able to add the picture they like best to their favorites. Once the gallery opens, the photo added to favorites most often wins.

The first prize is the winner’s choice of a ZEISS SLR lens with a special engraving, including Carl Zeiss T* UV filter and ZEISS Camera strap and Lens Cleaning Kit. Second place is worth a Nokia Lumia 800. The third place winner will receive a Sony DSC-TX55 compact camera with ZEISS optics.

Draw your customers’ attention to this interesting contest!

Further information will be available in our
Camera Lens Blog and
Flickr group from December 15, 2011.

Jill-e® Designs Rolls Out Two New Bags for Compact Camera Systems

Size, Features, Capabilities of Essential Camera Bags Have Popular Photo Format in Mind

Jill-e Designs, the leading maker of stylish, protective camera and carry bags for today’s technology-rich, on-the-go lifestyle, has introduced two great-looking bags created specifically for today’s increasingly popular compact camera systems.  The new Essential Camera Bags will be available later this month in time for holiday gift giving.

Available in durable black or red microfiber, the Essential Camera Bag features all the protection and functionality found in every Jill-e Designs bag for photography lovers – including padded exterior walls and interior dividers – and also features a comfortable leather strap to wear cross-body or on the shoulder.  It easily holds a compact system camera body and one or two small interchangeable system lenses.  Or load it with any point-and-shoot camera plus a variety of smaller personal items, today’s ubiquitous “tech-cessories” and more.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Nik Software’s Snapseed Mobile App Awarded iPad App of the Year

 In App Store Rewind 2011
 Apple recognizes groundbreaking photo editing app as intuitive and innovative

Leading photographic software developer Nik Software ( announces that the company’s first-ever mobile app Snapseed has been named by Apple as iPad app of the year in the company’s App Store Rewind 2011. Snapseed was chosen as the number one app for the iPad, competing with all apps available for the iPad.  The App Store Rewind feature names the year's best apps, chosen by App Store editorial team. To learn more go to and click the iPad button. Snapseed gives anyone the ability to create stunning photos and share their images anywhere directly from their iPad or iPhone. Snapseed is available as a universal app on the App Store. To learn more and see Snapseed in action, go to

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Leica Camera, Inc. announces the latest firmware update, 1.176, for the Leica M9 and M9-P, the world’s smallest, full-frame digital system cameras.  Users wishing to benefit from the new offerings can download the firmware update from the Leica Camera website.

Firmware update 1.176 eliminates a rare fault occurring during the formatting of SanDisk cards, ensuring compatibility with the Leica M9 and M9-P in accordance with the cameras’ respective standards. All card types available from SanDisk have been fully tested by Leica’s expert technical team and firmware version 1.176 guarantees their proper function, resulting in the previous constrictions on the cards being revoked.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hands on with Kata's Pro-Light ReportIT-10

There are probably dozens and dozens of shoulder-style camera bags available on the market at any give time offered by a wide variety of manufacturers. Many of them are basically the same. A rectangularish box type of thing with a strap and dividers inside for separating and protecting camera gear. So what is the difference between them? Well, primarily consruction quality, how equipment is accessed, and details.

The ReportIT series was designed for use on the go and is all about access to gear quickly and easily. For the purposes of this review, the smallest size of the series, the ReportIT 10-PL, was used. Obviously the larger sizes will be heavier and hold more equipment.

There are only five fasteners on the entire bag, streamlining ways in and out of the interior. To get into the main compartment, one can either undo the buckles and lift the lid (there is an addition velcro strip that can be used to hold the lid down for extra security, or can be silenced with a flap that covers it). Conversely, the lid can be left in place and access can be gained via a zipper in the top of the lid.

There are two front exterior pockets, both of which extend across the width of the bag and are covered with the lid is closed. The one that is closest to the main compartment is just open on top, the other has the flap that silences the velcro for the main lid. Thus when the velcro is silenced, that pocket is closed, but can be left open by tucking the silencing flap inside. The innermost pocket has dividers for organizing accessories and such. There is another large pocket across the width and almost the entire height of the main compartment on the backside of the bag with a zipper closure.

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