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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hands-On With the Kata Bug-205 PL Camera Backpack

So one large camera backpack is pretty much like another right? Well, in some ways, yes. After all, the function must somewhat dictate the form, and with a similar shape, there are only so many ways to configure the interior, shape the exterior to carry on one's back, and configure the straps and such to carry comfortably on the shoulders.

In spite of some basic design limitations that cause a backpack to be a backpack, Kata has evolved the backpack into something that's just a little bit more.

For starters,the back of bag is designed in such a manner to encourage airflow, keeping the back much cooler while carrying. There is also a strap to fit over the handle of a luggage trolley. The fully padded laptop compartment (large enough to hold a 17 inch laptop) has with a moveable (velcro attached) padded "bar" to go across the top. This is useful if the power cord is to ride in the same compartment, providing a padded sparation between the two. In addition to the standard zipper closure, there are also buckles to provide further security.

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