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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Artist abord with PrintedArt

PrintedArt, an online fine art photography gallery (, is pleased to announce that it has added renowned visual artist and photographer, Raymond St. Arnaud to its growing collection of reputable artists.  Mr. St. Arnaud, who lives in Victoria, BC, Canada, uses photography to explore his personal visual boundaries.
“The world presents itself and occasionally, and I take the time to observe. There are times when the observation takes on the form of obsession, at other times it is the casual encounter,” said Mr. St. Arnaud. “These moments become photographs.”
Since 1968, Mr. St. Arnaud has been exhibiting his photographs, painting and prints in both group and one-person shows. However, since the early nineties, his focus has turned to photographs and his ability to electronically manipulate them with the use of a computer. These prints have been exhibited in 150 shows, primarily in community and higher education galleries in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and a great number of U.S. states. 
In addition to his vast exhibition experience, Mr. St. Arnaud has also published thirteen books to date, with five in development for publication over the next few years. 

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