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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPad 2 Specs and more

So the iPad 2 is here, on sale March 11 and your wondering why do we care? Well the iPad revolutionized the market, Apps galore came out for it and many of them were photo related. Everything from simple slide shows to interactive apps that color correct, retouch etc, the list go's on. In the photo world if your name isn't Adobe you probably have an "App for that"

Now with a faster processor and seemingly better everything you should be able to leave your laptop home right? Well maybe not totally but with things like SD and Camera adapter cords you may be able to download, or at least view your photos, edit and email them, but its not a real storage device like a laptop is with a maximum of 64gig of built in storage. But you should be able to at least view from your memory card a larger image than a 3" lcd on the back of your camera.
I don't have one nor plan to get one right away but I bet this will become a favorite piece of equipment for most photographers if the Gen 1 iPad isn't already.
Tech Specs and more after the jump

iPad 2 IS HERE (Updated)

From PCWorld
Today Apple hosts an “...invitation-only event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco...”  Speculation is that they will announce the newest iPad, as many know, photographers have been loving these tablets for all reasons. Namely for displaying images to clients, web surfing and cool apps. we will bring you the latest as its announced.
Reports are that it will be lighter, larger/better built in speaker, built in camera, and updated processor(s)
Nothing is sure yet but as soon we get official stats we'll bring it to you.
(Last Update: 1:20PM EST) 
Update: ITS HERE: Link to PC Mags Live blogging

Links to Official Stats, ongoing speculation, photos and more after the Jump! 

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