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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Olympus-Japan Donates Money and Endoscopes for relief effort

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Our support for the northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake

  People affected by the Earthquake off the coast of northeastern Pacific Ocean, We sincere sympathy.
  Olympus Group, for people who are affected by regional earthquake, has decided to donate relief money.
  In addition to the above, check on local conditions and will continue to donate our products to help implement disaster recovery and non-destructive inspection equipment for industrial endoscopes.
  We wish to restore the affected area as soon as possible.

  Contents of support

  : Donations:   1 billion
  : Rescue Equipment:   And non-destructive testing equipment for industrial endoscope


How Larry O’Connor, CEO of Other World Computing (OWC), Built his Business at Age 14 from Family Garage to Today’s $70 Million Company

In 1988, 14-year-old Larry O’Connor started his company, Other World Computing, Inc. (OWC), from the garage of his family’s home, with the simple goal of providing affordable memory upgrades to everyone.   Today, 23 years after those humble beginnings, OWC is now a world-renowned $70 Million+ zero-emissions LEED recognized “Green” company, offering an extensive line of high-quality value-priced memory, SSDs, hard drives, storage, and accessories for Mac, Windows, and iOS devices.

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OWC’s CEO, Larry O’Connor now spends each day inspiring his 100-employee team with his vision of ethics, excellence, attention to detail, and passion for delivering award-winning service and support to each and every customer.  

Pentax-Japan Disaster Update

Dear Business Partners Customers:

News from our northeastern Pacific Ocean due to earthquake


 The earthquake affected people in northeastern Pacific Ocean this time, to everyone who would like their family relationships heartfelt sympathy.
 Pentax Service Center, Service Center, Tokyo, Pentax Shinjuku (Closed March 15), Pentakkusufamiri in Pentakkusuonrainshoppu, and will reopen today. However, due to rolling blackouts, telephone, FAX, Internet Ni Shimashite inquiry, it may take some time to answer your connections and the respect you for your your understanding, thank you.
 Also, regarding the delivery of security-related repair and related products and digital cameras for the time being, the road might be delayed by circumstances such as distribution of the railway. 
Apologize and say, humbly thank you for your understanding.

Translated Via Google, Original HERE 

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