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Friday, April 1, 2011

1001 Noisy Cameras bought and renamed by AOL

As part of the AOL money-burning spree they have started to buy up tech-based web-news/blog sites of which is one of them. In a shocking revelation Huffington Post owner now editor of all AOL publications hopes to improve their dominance over the net ti include us Photo nerds too apparently. Full details and more after the Jump...

Tamron Launches "My Photo Exhibits":

Dynamic 3D Virtual Exhibit Space Offers Photo Enthusiasts An Innovative Way To Showcase Photos
Site Launch Complemented By On-The-Go iPhone App and Travel Photo Contest

March 31, 2011, Commack, NY — Tamron USA, Inc., has announced the launch of MyPhotoExhibits (MPE), an innovative way for photographers looking to showcase their favorite images in a unique, free online venue. Unlike traditional static online galleries, Tamron's SoHo-like MyPhotoExhibits interface, available at, allows users to create customizable 3D exhibits with a vibrant interactive experience.
Read attached press release for more details and information about Tamron's photo contest.

Digitial Camera Market to Experience Shake-up with New Entry into the Full-Frame Category by Pentax

Photo of old MZsD 6mp ff that never was produced
A new entry into the professional level full-frame DSLR category by the camera manufacturer that as of yet does offer a product in the category, is about to shake up the market with their new rumored offering.

The rumored Pentax "K-1" is to be accompanied by a new line of lenses created expressly for a full-frame digital format, many will be digitally-optimized version of the famous FA* lenses.
Brief specs are to be a 18MP FF sensor, Optimized SAFOX IX af an over-sized "uni-body" similar to the D3 or 1D series but smaller/lighter, Lenses rumored to be released with it are (all SDM and weather sealed) a 28-70mm F2.8, 80-200mm F2.8, 300mm F2.8 and 600mm F4to be the first lenses to be introduced with others like the 24 F2, 50 F1.4 and a new 400mm F2.8 to be released over the following 12 months. Lenses will work on the current bodies but with a "crop factor" New Flash, GPS and Wi-Fi adapters to be announced too.
Line up to be a FF "Pro" the K-5 "semi-pro" the K-x "entry level" and the soon to be announced Pentax Mirror-less system for hobbyists.

The expected release date, full specs and more after the Jump...

Update on the impact by the Major Earthquake in Northeastern Japan

The following is the latest Update on the disaster in Japan from Nikon:

March 31, 2011 The Nikon Group would express our deepest condolences to the victims of the earthquake and extend our profound sympathy and heartfelt concern to those individuals and families suffering from the disaster. The following is an update regarding Nikon Corporation and its group manufacturing facilities. Safety of the employees As have previously informed, to our deepest regret, death of one employee of Sendai Nikon Corporation has been confirmed and safety of three employees is not yet confirmed in the area of Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture. Reopen of operation at the manufacturing facilities and outlook on the future production One of our own plants and seven of our manufacturing subsidiaries are located in the disastrous region of Miyagi Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture and Ibaraki Prefecture *. All of these facilities have resumed their operation now with reopen by yesterday, March 30 of Sendai Nikon Corporation and Miyagi Nikon Precision Co., Ltd. It has been becoming clearer that we will be able to secure parts/components including their replacements through our investigation of the current conditions and possible measures to secure the procurement in our collaboration with our business partners. However, we have a concern that the situation may continue where our production cannot fully satisfy our customers’ requirement due to inability of full swing production worsened by the planned blackouts of electricity. While we will do our utmost effort to overcome such expected difficulties, we will be most grateful if our customers could understand such circumstances. Forecast of effect by the damage to our business performances We are continuing our endeavor to evaluate how the immediate damage by the disaster and planned blackouts of electricity will result in our group companies and business performances. We will announce our findings immediately when it is judged that there will be important change in our forecast. * Locations of each plant and manufacturing subsidiaries Mito Plant, Nikon Corporation : Mito, Ibaraki Pref. Sendai Nikon Corporation : Natori, Miyagi Pref. Miyagi Nikon Precision Co., Ltd. : Zao-machi, Katta-gun, Miyagi Pref. Zao factory, Nikon-Trimble Co., Ltd. : Zao-machi, Katta-gun, Miyagi Pref. Tochigi Nikon Corporation : Otawara, Tochigi Pref. Tochigi Nikon Precision Co., Ltd. : Otawara, Tochigi Pref. Kurobane Nikon Co., Ltd. : Otawara, Tochigi Pref. Nasu Nikon Co., Ltd. : Nasukarasuyama, Tochigi Pref. Note: Nikon-Trimble Co., Ltd. is an equity-method company. Nasu Nikon Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Nikon-Essilor Co., Ltd. which is an equity-method company.


Major-Market Tour Will Showcase Panasonic’s 2011 Line of Cutting-Edge Home Entertainment Products
Visitors Will Have the Opportunity to Experience Award-Winning VIERA Full HD 3D and VIERA Connect IPTVs and Get Hands on with the Latest in 3D Cameras and Camcorders
SECAUCUS, NJ (March 31, 2011) – Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Full HD 3D and Connected TV technologies, announced today the launch of the Panasonic Experience Amazing Tour – a six-week, 15-market tour designed to give consumers a chance to experience Panasonic’s 2011 line-up of home entertainment products including the latest Full HD 3D VIERA TVs and Panasonic VIERA Connect IPTVs featuring a vastly expanded range of interactive apps including gaming, fitness, live sports, video streaming and much more.
The first leg of the Panasonic Experience Amazing Tour will kick off across the nation the week of April 4 with events at New York’s Grand Central Terminal (April 4-5) and Roosevelt Field (April 7-10), Chicago’s Union Station (April 4-8), and Los Angeles’ Culver City Shopping Center (April 4-10).
The tour will then appear in major markets including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC over the next five weeks, through May 15.  (See specific locations and dates below).

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