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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Farewell from Digital experience

Shows over folks, indepth reports coming soon

Live: the Supremes!

@ Digital Experience

Seen at digital Experience LIVE: Looxcie

Looxcie  a wearable video cam that create instant 30 second clips and will allow you to upload directly to youe social media sites.  Available in 5- and 10-hour storage

Live: ZBoost mobile cell booster

Improve signal quality in your car. With the z-force. Great for the on the go photojournalits in need to transmit from anywhere

Live: D-Link

New set of routers and wi-fi boosters to boost connectivity. In the home

Live: P3's Brendan w/ the President of Pentax

Trying to get the inside scoop

Live: Polaroid gl10 printer

Uses zink paper and prints via usb and bluetooth

Live: NIK Snapseed iPad app

$4.99 in app store packed full with cool NIK Filters like you have for your home computer

Live: LG Thrill 4G 3D camera phone

Awsome 3d screen (eyeglass free) and really cool built in 3D camera (from at&t currently)

Live: Pentax O-GPS1

Compatible with K5 and Kr

Live from NYC for Digital Experience

Hanging out before hand...

Sigma announces new "Our Pros, Your Photos" program

Sigma is now hosting a program called "Our Pros, Your Photos" to continue their 50th anniversary celebration. We think your readers would really enjoy hearing about this new opportunity to further their photography skills.
Through July 5th, photographers can send in their portfolios for a chance to have a one-on-one telephone critique session with a Sigma Pro, which will be recorded and made into a video showcasing the photographer's work and the discussion with the Sigma Pro.

Live Coverage: Digital Experence June 2011

P3 will be bringing live coverage via droids from Digital Experience this evening starting at 6pm Exciting hands on with many of the latest products from your favorite Camera manufactures and computer-related gadgets.

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