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Thursday, October 20, 2011

KrisanneJohnson Named 2011 Recipient of $30,000 W. EugeneSmith Grant in Humanistic Photography for "I Love You Real Fast,"Documenting Young Women Comi

DominicBracco Receives Smith Fellowship for

"Lifeand Death in The Northern Pass"

RyanLibre is Recipient of Howard Chapnick Grant for "Documentary Arts Asia," a Program to Advance Visual Literacy andSupport Artists There

NEWYORK, NY -- October 20, 2011 – The Board of Trustees ofthe W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund announced that New York-based photographerKrisanne Johnson is the recipient of the prestigious 2011 W. Eugene Smith Grantfor Humanistic Photography for I Love YouReal Fast, a five-year project documenting young women coming of ageamidst the H.I.V./AIDS epidemic in Swaziland. The project earned her a$30,000 grant to continue her ongoing work to explore the struggles andtriumphs of women in Swazilandand other parts of the world. The Grant recipients were selected from 291entries from 40 countries.

The announcement was madeduring a reception last night at the Asia Society in New York. Sebastian Junger, theinternationally acclaimed best-selling author of The Perfect Storm and War,director (with Tim Hetherington) of the Academy Award-nominated documentary Restrepo, and contributor for Vanity Fair, gave the keynotepresentation.

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