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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Site Features Tips on Cleaning Photos, Negatives and Albums, 
and Includes Demonstration Video 

 FUJIFILM North America Corporation announces the launch of “Tips for Cleaning Damaged Photos” website for consumers, located at: in the U.S., and in Canada at:
In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan earlier this year, many precious photographs were damaged and washed away, so Fujifilm in Tokyo launched its “Photo Rescue Project” site in Japanese. In the following weeks and months, the U.S. was hit with a number of natural disasters, including flooding in the Midwest and south, and most recently in the northeast with a hurricane and additional heavy rains that caused floods, so Fujifilm in North America launched its “Tips for Cleaning Damaged Photos,” a similar site with instructions in English.
The site includes advice on cleaning traditional photographs; processed film negatives; photo albums; dye sublimation photos, such as kiosk or instant print photos; and inkjet photos, such as those from home printers. Also included is a demonstration video providing viewers with step-by-step instruction.

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