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Thursday, October 27, 2011

End of day one att PPE2011

More posts tomorrow, back into the nyc rain for now. )

NEC unveils new colorimete​r, updated SpectraVie​w software at PDN PhotoPlus Expo

Increased Color Accuracy and Improved Measurement Speed For Professional Graphics Users

CHICAGO - October 27, 2011 - NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today the new SpectraSensor Pro colorimeter and an update to the award-winning SpectraViewIIT software. This new sensor uses X-Rite i1Display technology and is customized for NEC. The sensor is available as an accessory (MDSVSENSOR3), bundled with SpectraViewII software (SVII-PRO-KIT) or shipped with an NEC SpectraViewII Series display.

The SpectraSensor Pro is a next generation colorimeter that utilizes a completely new optical system, filter technology, calibration architecture and intelligent form factor. Its increased sensitivity and measurement speed is five times greater than the previous generation, while its high degree of color accuracy can be demonstrated on all popular and emerging display technology types including CCFL, white LED, RGB LED and wide-gamut displays.

Live with Manfrotto

Line of photographer's jackets, Italian designed, stylish and functional.

Live with Tiffen

New DFX v3 software. Has 10 new filters that each have many user controlled settings adding to many more attainable effects.   Video overview coming.

Live with Fuji X10

Got to hands on with this awesome camera and I must say I like and want one. Quick, solid feel, optical viewfinder! Hope to be doing a review on it soon.

Live on Instax

Mel and Brendan on the fuji Instax 210

Live with Kata, New Products

Stylish bags with camera inserts especially for us girls.

Live with Vanguard

Brian Jacobs, photo specialties sales mgr showing off the line of products. Check. Back during CES/PMA for a updated product line

Live: Kata to Help Wounded Vets

Register your Kata bag and they will donate $5 to help wounded vets gain employment

Live with MyPix2Canvas Prints for Rehabilitatiom

Amelia Turbyfilll, dir of pub relations for MyPix2Canvas holding a sampel, they are also donating a portion of sales to the rehab through photo program.  New online tools coming soon including previews and education of techniques

Live with Pentax

Not much new, Ricoh is sharing the booth now they are partners. Entered to win a Q and Mel got a free leather case for her Q (review coming)

Live with Nikon: V1, J1, Coolpix AW1000

New offerings from Nikon.

Live with Mitsubishi: 2x6 multi-cut printer

High speed printing, multiple sizes, great event printers. Priced $2-3k.

Live with Lowepro :New Messengers

Classy, durable Pro Messenger from Lowepro. Available in three sizes. Brand new release for PPE

Live with Tamrac

Oooooh the bags!!!!!  A few of Tamrac;s show offerings.

Live with NEC

New today the NEC SpectraSensor Pro to go with NEC monitors for color calibration

LIve with EPS Expandable Photo Studio

From the size of a suitcase, it expands into a studio.

Live with Kodak at PPE2011

Portra 160, scanner, film film film
They are finding a rebirth of sorts in the film market.
Video with scott DiSabato, marketing mjr for Kodak pro film coming after the show

Live with Wiley Publishers: New Titles!

Live with Hoodman

New rugged usb3 reader, built like a tank, promises to be fast and durable. Also look for new faster cards to be coming soon.

Live with the Canon 1dX

Hands on, first impression,  nice, second impression they did theiir homework. The shutter is quieter, AF points abound, sensor is tba but processor is quick. Seaming lighter than previous 1d bodies, though still solid feel.

We' here!!! PND PPE live

View of the show floor from the pressroom.

Live coverage from PPEWPQQ starting


On our way to ppe2011

Its o-dark 30 and still have many miles to drive before reaching PhotoPluss expo in nyc... I-95 is our friend for the next 3hr or so

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