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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The snow show is over

Keep checking back often as we post video and additional content from the show

All your body's in a row

A nikon lovers dream

Sell off at ppe2011 with midwest photo exchange

Last min deals and selloff abound

Live with Lensbaby

Craig Strong, chief. Creative officer and cofounder with the new composer pro with sweet 35

Live with Goal Zero portable solar power

Halen Seevinck, public relations for goalzero showing off the guide 10 adventure kit, solar power on the go

Live with Athentech

Kelly Budd, the image "janator" and VP of marketing showing off the perfectly clear lightroom and photoshop plugin. Video coming soon

Live with Lens Skins

Doug Pircher with international supplies with the new lens skins

Live with GigaPan

Chris Link with GigaPan showing off their robotic pano heads

Holga at ppe2011

With a smile

Live with ThinkTankPhoto

Cofounder Deanne Fitzmaurice With the new mobile Hubba Hubba Hiney bag

Live with polaroid

Old and new cameras. Also a line of flashes lenses and lights

Live with sandisk and the 100yr plus memory vault

Small and stable way to archive your digital files for up to 100+yrs

Live with the Panasonic lumix lx-5

2 optional viewfinders, the evf and a optical fixed in addition to the rear lcd. Nice feel, fast, the evf is multi positional and very fastand usable. Not as color rich as say the sony alpha 77 but faster response in my opinion

Live with Pentax and the Q

With John Carlson, sr. Mgr sales and marketing. Video coming on the Q system

Live with the Epson R3000

25ml cartridges, wireless, roll and sheet support, color lcd for status etc. Nice, but big for only a 13in printer

Live from ppe2011 the snowy day

Much fewer people, much more snow

Back to the show in the snow

I know it's just a bad cell phone picture but it is snowing

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