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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TAOPIX™ Incorporates Perfectly Clear® To Produce Stunning Images!

Perfectly Clear® Automatic Correction available with TAOPIX™ Portfolio enhanced version scheduled for release in Q4 20ll.
 Not satisfied with your digital picture? Don’t discard it – correct it! Digital images that are underexposed, lack contrast, contain “false” colors or even have an artificial lighting color cast can all be revitalized to their inherent brilliance with a single touch using TAOPIX™ Portfolio.
TAOPIX™ has launched the new release, TAOPIX™ Portfolio, and it incorporates Perfectly Clear as their automatic color correction.
“Our new release, TAOPIX™ Portfolio, is the culmination of countless months of research, 20,000 man-hours in development, 250,000 lines of new code, and extensive lab and field testing. Yet, like all impacting offerings, it started by simply listening to our customers and their evolving needs. The result is a TAOPIX solution that’s 95% enhanced to offer a more friendly and attractive user interface, numerous image editing features [such a one-button fix that corrects nine different image issues including red-eye], and so many other innovations that we know it’ll set new industry standards,” said James Gray, CEO and Founder, TAOPIX™. “We choose Perfectly Clear because it was easy to implement, flexible; we needed a solution that would work across our multiple platforms, and the corrections really grab your attention!  It will prove very popular with our customers that want their images looking their best.”

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