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Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Page for CES news (non photo related)

As we continue to grow we keep getting more and more news non Photo related but want to bring it to our readers, Some is purely Computer stuff, others is fen and yet some is just entertaining. 
As an effort to keep you, our reader happy and informed we have branched out and just started  
Stop by and check it out, more content coming by the day!

Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook

101 Lighting Styles and Setups for Digital Photographers

This recent publication (copyright date 2011) published by John Wiley and sons, and on display at Photo Plus Expo 2011, is another book that helps the photographer with the complicated subject of lighting. There are several points about this particular publication, however, that sets it apart from many others.

The book is divided in to two basic parts, the fore-matter, and the lighting notebook. Much of the meat of the lighting know-how is contained in the fore-matter. The chapters in this section include a history of lighting in photography, lingo, skills, tools, and post processing.

In the lingo section there is a list of lighting terms with easily understood definitions. This seems to be in order of category. While this makes sense in from a reading standpoint, a glossary at the end in alphabetical order as well would be useful for a quick reference.

Throughout it's pages, this book is absolutely wonderful for it's basic explanations of what can be complex principles. There is very good direction for a basic light set up, not just using examples of the best and most expensive, but gives tips for saving money using DIY methods. Sample lighting kits are described for a variety of price points and levels/situations of usage.

In the chapter that covers basic steps in achieving certain looks in post processing, examples and instructions are included using different photo editing software programs.

All of this happens before we even get to the notebook part.

Kata's D-Light LightPic Shoulder Bags Offer a Stylish Carry

At PDN's Photo Plus Expo, Kata (Manfrotto) introduced a yet-to-be-released bag aimed at photographers of the more feminine persuasion. For all appearances it looks like a mid-sized tote or purse but features a camera insert. The insert increases in size along with the bag.

Removal of the insert renders the bag an everyday tote or purse. External pockets on the ends helps organize smaller items. With the classy circular adjustment and the K-A-T-A with spiral logo dangly ornament the bag adds a touch of class, yet function to the photographer wanting or needing a more upgraded look. The LightPic is slated to become available at the end of the month. See for a complete list of Kata products and availability.

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