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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lensbaby Announces the Winners of its Senior Style Portrait Photo Contest

The top three winners chosen from hundreds of creative submissions

Portland, OR – November 8, 2011 – Lensbaby, manufacturer of creative effects camera lenses, announces today the top three winners in its inaugural Senior Style Portrait Contest.  The contest drew submissions from photographers all over the world and showed a tremendous movement in creative portraits that truly capture a subject’s uniqueness and spirit.  

First Place: Kristin Villano of Kristanne V. Photography, based in Westminster, CO

“This image is successful because of the pose, Lensbaby effect, and expression,” said judge Lindsay Adler.  “As with any good portrait, the expression of the subject is key to the image's success. Her smile here is genuine and glowing. The Lensbaby was used successfully in this image to help create a dream-like scene. The bottom of the dress almost melts away into the field. Finally, the pose is playful and fun. The negative space and triangles in the pose make it dynamic. Put these three ingredients together and you get a successful portrait!”

Second Place: Mandy Lynne of Mandy Lynne Photography, based in Springfield, MO

“We loved the creative aperture in this image and the soft, ethereal feel”, said the Aus 10 Photoartists judges. “This is truly a one of a kind senior image that perfectly brings together lighting, posing and mood into a gorgeous piece of art. We always find ourselves so concerned about focus and being able to see the face of the subject in portraiture, but the Lensbaby helps to beautifully and gracefully break all rules and create something very special!”

Third Place: Jess Bishop of Photography by Jess, based in Cedar Hills, UT

"I was immediately drawn to this image for many reasons and knew instantly that it would be one of my top picks,” said judge Holli True.  “I love the indy vibe this picture gives off, the post-processing treatment, her pose and expression all work together perfectly.  Despite there being several elements in this shot, the dynamic blur directs your eyes right to her.  This image is the amazing result of the power of Lensbaby."

Kodak Sells Image Sensor Business to Platinum Equity

Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) announced today that it has completed the sale of its Image Sensor Solutions (ISS) business to Platinum Equity in a move that will sharpen Kodak’s operational focus and strengthen its financial position. While the financial details were not disclosed, Kodak will have continuing access to the image sensor technology involved in this transaction for use in its own products. Kodak has previously communicated that it would sell assets that are not central to its transformation to a profitable, sustainable digital company. This sale is aligned with that strategy to generate cash to complete the transformation.
Included in the sale is a 263,000 square foot facility in Eastman Business Park in Rochester, N.Y., that houses manufacturing and research facilities.
The ISS business develops, manufactures, and markets the world’s highest performance solid state image sensor devices. Over the past 30 years, Kodak’s image sensors have delivered unrivaled image quality and innovative features for use in a broad range of demanding imaging applications. From precision manufacturing inspection to digital radiography, from earth imaging satellites to traffic monitoring, from the world’s highest performing studio photography cameras to DNA sequencing systems, customers around the world rely on high-performance products from ISS in the most mission-critical applications.


ArtRage – Painting Software Lets you Become an iPad Artist!          ArtRage for iPad Paint Blending  

The new version of ArtRage for iPad 1.3 is now available.  It allows you to share your artwork with Facebook, Dropbox and deviantArt, along with providing the ability to record your paint strokes and play back on ArtRage 3.5 Studio/Studio Pro on Mac/Win for further editing and providing higher resolution output for printing and showing your artistic process in tutorials.  Current ArtRage for iPad owners will be able to download the update for free in their local App Store.

To bring the new ArtRage for iPad artwork sharing options for Facebook, DropBox and devianArt to a wider audience

New ArtRage for iPad 1.3 Features:

- Upload to Facebook: Upload your images directly to your Facebook Photo Album.

- Upload to Dropbox: Upload painting files to your Dropbox account.

- Upload to deviantArt Upload your images directly to your deviantArt account using the new system. Details on can be found here:

- New Export Options: Export PNG or JPG files to the iTunes shared file space or PNG, JPG, native PTG via Email.

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