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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PowerBag Charging system

Stylish Backpacks, Slings, Messenger Bags & Tablet Bags with Built-In Power to
Charge Thousands of Digital Devices

On your phone all day with no access to an outlet? Not enough juice to watch the movie you downloaded to your tablet? Is your playlist longer than your charge? Tired of carrying around a bag full of chargers and wires? Introducing Powerbag – stylish backpacks, briefcases, slings, cross-body messenger bags, tablet bags and wheeled travel bags that charge your favorite devices on the go – anywhere, any time. Powerbag, designed in partnership with fūl (pronounced “fuel”), is the ultimate charging system disguised as the coolest bag you’ll ever use. Seamlessly integrated into every Powerbag is the exclusive Powerbag Charging System which charges all of your favorite digital gear, including Smartphones, iPods, Tablets, eReaders, Bluetooth headsets and more, right in the bag.

“Powerbag brings together function and convenience with impeccable style. Just charge the bag
and it does the rest, so you can leave your cords at home,” said Ron Ferber, President of RFA
Brands, creators of Powerbag. “With Powerbag, a charge is as close as the bag on your shoulder
which, by the way, also does a very nice job of carrying books, notebooks, files, gym clothes,
make-up, bottled water and other daily essentials.”
Powerbag will be available nationwide at Best Buy, OfficeMax, airport stores, leading college
bookstores and other national retailers as well as online starting in October 2011. At launch,
Powerbag will offer five (5) different bag styles in multiple colors with prices starting at $129.99
MSRP. Learn more at
“fūl is dedicated to making quality bags with a fashion edge — and power is always in fashion,”
said Al Gossett, a founder of fūl. “We’re excited to have formed a partnership with RFA Brands
to introduce Powerbag technology to consumers. I can’t think of a better bag or gift for anyone
who is living an on-the-go digital life.”
How Powerbag Works:
• Powerbag comes charged and ready to go!
• Connect up to four (4) mobile devices at a time using the included pre-routed connectors
(1 micro, 1 mini, 1 Apple) and one USB port inside every Powerbag; keep devices
connected or plug-in when you need more power.
• The exclusive Powerbag Charging System will automatically detect the connected
devices in the bag and send the right amount of power to optimally charge each one.
• To recharge Powerbag, plug into any standard wall outlet with the included AC Adapter.
Powerbag comes with a built-in, lightweight, rechargeable and removable battery to get
you through your day (available with a 3000 mAh or 6000 mAh battery based on model).
• When plugged in, Powerbag will charge all connected devices first and then charge its
own battery.
Need power? It’s in the bag…Powerbag. Learn more at
Founded in 2005, fūl is dedicated to making quality, value-driven bags with a fashion edge. fūl is
inspired by musicians. The company has tripled their sales each year for the past three years and
attributes its rapid growth and recent success to diversifying its product portfolio and adapting to
travel trends by creating products to complement new trends. In addition, the company has
become a popular brand among touring musicians including Justin Timberlake, Black Eyed Peas,
Justin Bieber, Zack Brown Band, Sugarland, Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, Paramore, Slash,
Lil Jon, Mike Posner, Sublime and the Deftones. fūl has been featured in Travel Goods
Magazine, Shape, InStyle, Women’s Health, Paper Magazine, The Ellen DeGeneres Show,
Rachael Ray and Extra.

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